How to Better Organize Spotify Playlists with Folders

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i use spotify every day. At your desk, on the run, in the car…it doesn’t matter. As a regular user, I have no doubt that I have a number of curated playlists for my account. In fact, those playlists are starting to get out of hand. This is especially true when adding songs or albums to an existing playlist and having to scroll through long lists until you find what you’re looking for.

After years of using Spotify, it’s time to clean up. For that, I turned to folders. Spotify folders keep your playlists organized and easier to add as well as easier to navigate. This is especially true for the mobile version of Spotify, which is not as easy to navigate as the desktop application. Folders help you find the collection of songs you want to listen to faster, even if you’re on the go and want to change playlists.

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The first thing you need to know about folders is that they can only contain playlists. You can’t create folders and add artists to them (unless it’s a playlist made for artists, like RUSH: 80s).The next thing you need to understand is that folders are desktop and web based app. They are available in the mobile app, but cannot be added there.

If this sounds useful to you, read on.

How to create a new Spotify playlist folder

Things necessary: All you need is a valid Spotify account (even a free one) and an installed desktop app or web browser.

The first thing to do is open the Spotify desktop or web-based app and log into your account.

Spotify's new menu.

Before you start organizing your playlists, don’t let your library spiral out of control with too many playlists.

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When creating a new folder, there is no chance to give it a name. Instead, new folders are listed as new folders.right click on that entry[名前の変更]a popup will appear allowing you to give the new folder an appropriate name.

Spotify playlist folder rename popup.

Give your playlist folder an easy-to-remember name.

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Find the playlist you want to add to the folder from the left navigation.

Right click on the playlist and[フォルダーに移動]>[フォルダー](where folder is the name of the folder). Another way is to find the playlist and drag it to the folder. This only causes problems if the playlist in question is at the bottom of the list and the folder in question is at the top.

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The Spotify desktop app isn’t very good at navigating playlists, so I prefer the right-click method over other apps.

Right-click menu for Spotify playlists.

The right-click menu method is an easy way to move playlists into folders.

Screenshot by Jack Warren/ZDNET

That’s all there is to using the Spotify folder. If you have a lot of playlists and struggle to organize them, this feature is perfect for you.

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