How to add a boarding pass to your Apple wallet

Air travel is stressful enough without the hassle of a paper boarding pass. You have already taken off your shoes, juggled your wallet, ID, laptop and the security agent is stinking. If you have an iPhone, getting a boarding pass when you arrive at the airport will reduce the number of items on your to-do list by one.

If you have an iPhone with Apple Wallet installed, you can easily present your digital boarding pass without having to mess around with your bag. Here’s everything you need to know to add your boarding pass to your Apple Wallet.

Note: Approximately 70 airports around the world accept boarding passes through Apple Wallet, but not all. Before you start, make sure your airport supports this mobile feature.

If you receive your boarding pass by email, text message, or browser

You can email your boarding pass from the airline when you check in for your flight using the Safari or Chrome browser. Apple Mail users get the special convenience of having the program recognize the boarding pass and automatically add it to the Apple Wallet. You have the option to manually add your boarding pass to your wallet in case that doesn’t happen.

step 1: Open the email attachment at the bottom of the email

Step 2: Tap Add to Apple Wallet Press the button and tap addition

This may be automatic

Some boarding passes are automatically displayed based on the location or time of the device. For example, when you arrive at the airport, your boarding pass may appear as a notification on your iPhone screen.From there, just tap Add to Apple Wallet Button to save it.

When using the airline app

If you’re a nervous type who wants to make sure you’re not working entirely dependent on iOS, download the airline-specific app and use it to check in for your flight. Not all airlines have a dedicated app, but most well-known airlines (United, Delta, Southwest, American, JetBlue, Hawaiian, and many international airlines) plan their trips. And there are apps to help you track. After check-in, look for the button with the Apple Wallet icon to save your boarding pass.

step 1: Create an account or log in

Step 2: Please enter the verification code

Step 3: Check your boarding pass or check-in invitation to your flight to gain access to your flight

Step 4: Display the interface of the app, Add to Apple Wallet Press and tap the button, then tap addition

Once you receive your boarding pass on your Apple Wallet, simply launch the app and present it to your airline representative. For multiple boarding passes, save each mobile boarding pass separately for flight check-in. If you don’t need to keep your old boarding pass, be sure to delete your old boarding pass to avoid confusion under pressure. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to have a paper copy of your itinerary as a backup, just in case.

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