How tech teams keep America’s biggest bank on a digital course

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Recent KMPG Investigation of 1,000 technology executives customer experience on their plan. Nearly 46% of his respondents cite CX as their primary goal for investing in enterprise technology. This means that technology teams are increasingly focused on being directly involved in CX.

this Increased role of technical experts Chase Bank has built an organization that fosters collaboration between product, data and analytics, design, and technology teams.

“Engineers sit at the table with their colleagues in the areas of product, design, data and analytics,” he said. GilhouseChase’s Chief Information Officer: “This structure fosters collaboration and the exchange of diverse experiences and perspectives, accelerating decision-making and fostering innovation.”

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As of Q2 2022, Chase has 60.7 million digital active customers (up 7% over the past year) and 47.4 million mobile active customers (up 11% over the past year). “Throughout the development cycle of new products and features, we spend a lot of time on user research. Rohan Amin, Chase Chief Product Officer. “How customers use apps and websites determines the look and feel of these experiences. On average, a customer logs into her app 20 times a month. Pay bills, automatic Setting up a savings account, investing, or booking travel.”

One of Chase’s nearly 100 product teams each has a “unique product, data and analytics, design and technology leader to accelerate innovation and decision-making.” “These teams work together every day and are focused on creating beautifully designed, customer-centric experiences on our mobile apps and websites. Consider what you want to create or enhance and build the technology behind it: a scene that supports what you need.”

what skills and training Should you seek out or provide technical expertise to better deliver great CX? “Throughout your career, stay curious and open to learning new things,” says Haus. says. “We are seeing a marked shift towards leveraging modern technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and cloud computing to create tools that best meet customer demands. We should be open to learning about traditional technologies as well.”

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Amin adds that having technical experts closer to where customer engagements are taking place can also help attract talent. “This new structure will also drive recruitment and career development efforts. People want to work in this structure, so a purpose-driven culture and scale are among the many factors that attract talent.” ”

Workplace culture plays a key role in enabling the CX experience, says Haus. Helping our customers get the most out of their money while building technology that enhances the digital experience of our apps and websites is extremely rewarding. ”

Haus says: “I encourage technologists looking to impact consumer lives to find a company that aligns with their values, builds a career, and gives them the opportunity to make an impact at scale. .I will add: that we employ.”

https://www.zdnet.com/article/how-technology-teams-keep-americas-largest-bank-on-a-digital-course/#ftag=RSSbaffb68 How tech teams keep America’s biggest bank on a digital course

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