How strong a “G3” geomagnetic storm is today’s voltage correction

The Earth is preparing for a strong “G3” category geomagnetic storm today, March 31, as one of the most active regions of the Sun erupted recently. The Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) of the US space agency NASA today published the G3 (Powerful) Geomagnetic Storm Clock.

A strong G3 storm not only affects the power system, but can also interfere with HF radio communications, causing disruptions and power outages. It can also affect satellites. According to SWPC, geomagnetic storms are expected to occur after the arrival of CME from the evening of March 30 to the early morning of March 31 (EDT).

“The potential for severe ionospheric perturbations and dangerous radiation environments caused by flares will exist for the next few days,” tweeted IISER-Kolkata, India’s Space Science Center, which monitors solar activity.

How will strong G3 geomagnetic storms affect power systems, satellites and other technologies?

According to the SWPC Space Weather Scale, a G3 storm can cause the need to make voltage corrections for power systems. Surges can also trigger false alarms on some protective devices.

Satellites are affected by the surface charge of low earth orbit satellites and the increased drag of spacecraft. Corrections related to spacecraft orientation may be required. G3 storms can cause intermittent satellite and LF radio navigation problems and can make HF radio intermittent.

When it comes to sky views, aurora borealis were usually seen in G3 storms up to a geomagnetic latitude of 50 °. According to SWPC, “the impact of the G3 storm on technology generally remains small.”

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Software / hardware / network changes postponed

In the United States, the National Weather Service has postponed all software / hardware / network changes until the weekend. Matthew Capucci, an American atmospheric scientist, said on his Twitter account: .. ”

Strong G3 storms can have some consequences, but G4 or G5 geomagnetic storms can have serious impacts on the power grid, potentially affecting power, satellite communications, computers, and the Internet. I have.

Apart from Thursday’s G3 warning, SWPC will enable G1 (minor) watches on March 30th and G2 (medium) on April 1st. How strong a “G3” geomagnetic storm is today’s voltage correction

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