How mobile devices have changed the lifestyle of people in Ontario

One of the biggest innovations in tech over the last couple of centuries that has changed the world has to be the invention of mobile devices. Where just 50 years ago, it was unlikely that most people you knew owned a mobile device, these days it’s the opposite.

In fact, most people in Ontario use their mobile devices daily and rely on them for work, socialising, shopping, banking and more. In this article, we’ll explore how mobile devices have changed the lifestyle of people in Ontario and how businesses across industries are catering to the increase in their usage over the past few decades.


One of the big ways mobile devices have changed the lifestyles of people in Ontario is in regards to their options for entertainment and how they enjoy their favourite leisure experiences. Many more people are watching their favourite shows and films on streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime – and these days, it’s happening through apps on their mobile devices like phones or tablets.

Another form of entertainment that’s changed as a result of mobile devices is gaming. This can be in the form of mobile games and big titles being played through apps on phones. But an industry that’s been hugely impacted and made some big transformations as a result is the casino industry.

The advent of online casinos has seen the popularity of playing casino games on smart devices (over visiting land-based casinos) experience a boom. More people in Ontario are using online casinos to play some of their favourite casino games like poker, roulette, slots and more; this has meant that providers are having to create apps for their online casino websites as well as making their services mobile friendly to cater to demand.

The growth of online casinos has also increased the level of people engaging in casinos since it’s online and much more accessible, with many big casino brands going online and they’re all available in Ontario.

It’ll be interesting to see how innovations around online casinos continue to develop, with new and more exciting games being created all the time.


Mobile devices have certainly changed the way that people do their banking as well as how transactions are made for those living in Ontario (and indeed, around the world). The idea that you’d be able to make purchases with the touch of your phone would have seemed unimaginable just a few years ago. But now, many are forgoing using bank cards to use contactless on their phone.

And it’s not just about making payments while out and about. From organising your finances, to making transactions both locally and around the world, to managing loans and savings, almost all banking can be done through your mobile device, provided you have the banks app. Many physical bank locations have closed over the past few years due to the popularity and convenience of doing banking online from a mobile device. It’s likely that over the next decade there will be few physical banking locations left – with many new banks like Monzo operating solely online.


Mobile devices have definitely changed the way people do work on a daily basis. With the rise in remote and hybrid working, businesses are operating online more than they ever have done. From emailing to video calls, to using work apps like Slack, Teams and more, the shift towards working on mobile, especially while on the go, looks like it’s here to stay.

There are also loads of apps on mobile devices that people in Ontario use to help them while at work, including efficiency and focus apps, task apps and much more.

Social life

It’s safe to say that mobile devices have revolutionised the way that we interact with each other – with friends and family, as well as with colleagues, neighbours and strangers from around the world. Social media has definitely changed the world and is one of the biggest innovations coming out of the internet. Platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are all hugely popular and have millions of users posting, sharing, commenting and interacting with one another daily.

Mobile devices have also changed the way we date, with millions of people using Tinder, Hinge and Bumble on their phones to meet potential love interests.

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