How Microsoft has kept Windows at the top for 20 years

If you own a PC, you may be running Windows. Microsoft It has been available since 1985.

Even those who buy the present age Mac Using arm tips while sipping energy, and even some students and corporate workers Chromebook During the pandemic, Windows still holds 83% of the market share of personal computers, according to tech industry research firm Gartner. Since Gartner’s follow-up in 2000, he’s probably been in pole position for at least the last decade.

Today, Windows accounts for 14% of Microsoft’s total revenue, and historically Windows is more profitable than the rest. $ 2 trillion the company. As Windows grows, Microsoft will benefit.

That’s why the company announced Windows 11 on June 24th and is revamping Windows again. New system requirements Some people may buy a new PC that can run Windows 11, which will boost Microsoft’s Windows franchise.

Microsoft Corp. Satya Nadella, CEO of Satya Nadella, will listen to the audience’s questions at the Microsoft Annual Shareholders Meeting held in Bellevue, WA on November 30, 2016.

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Windows performance wasn’t always perfect. It took several releases to become more popular than its character-based predecessor, DOS. Some versions, including Windows Vista and Windows 8, were not well accepted. And when smartphones came out in the 2000s, Microsoft couldn’t achieve the same penetration as PCs. “I missed the phone wave,” said Yusuf Mehdi, corporate vice president who has been with Microsoft for nearly 30 years.

But for years, Microsoft has been[スタート]We’ve made Windows easier to use and free upgrades with additional features such as menus. Also, many organizations are accustomed to deploying Windows with other Microsoft products, so it’s natural to continue using Windows. As a result, Windows continues to grow.

Microsoft wants to keep it that way. An Android app, one of the features of Chromebooks, will be added to Windows 11. The store stocks PCs with new releases in time for the holiday season. How Microsoft has kept Windows at the top for 20 years

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