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The taxi booking device allows reception staff to book a guest’s taxi with the click of a button. This device seamlessly enhances the guest experience and allows the concierge and reception to focus on other, more important priority tasks.

Venue Butler Managing Director, Thomas Crewin-7.11.2022

With a high level of optimism that the travel industry is finally heading for a full recovery. “2022 Travel Outlook Survey” It was revealed that 96% of the participants were traveling abroad in 2022. This is 11% above the pre-pandemic level of international travel. It requires operators to leverage new trends and technologies to enhance the guest experience and meet the expectations of all the disgusting demands of travelers.

There has always been a lot of discussion about the next big approach in the hotel industry, with a focus on improving the guest experience. Hotels are being strengthened to meet the growing expectations of travelers around the world and are adopting new technologies and strategies to meet this global dominance in the hospitality industry today.

This summer, guests seek more with new hope and endless opportunities to connect with their loved ones. While ensuring that all necessary precautions are taken, this year some hotels are already taking a step further to provide the best service. Here are five tips to improve your guest experience during this busy summer holiday season.

Providing Unexpected Things – Holiday Gifts, Offers, Promotions

Do you remember being excited about the prizes at the hotel? By the way, it is customary to get toiletries, breakfast, etc. This holiday season offers a little extra. For example, are there special holiday offers, welcome gifts, or unique dishes on the menu? It’s not about epic gestures. That’s a small thing. Also, what is a better gift than offering guests a special discount on room reservations? The hotel can pre-launch the campaign with a promotional newsletter and offer guests a discounted tour package. Many travelers consider cultural experiences a priority when choosing a destination. For celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, honeymoons, baptisms, it’s very hard to set up a room before, arrange something special through housekeeping, or use the restaurant on that occasion. It feels good and is usually very easy.

Similarly, hotels like the Oyster Point Hotel in New Jersey offer giveaways such as minibar snacks, happy hour, indoor welcome gifts, lobby snacks, and welcome surprises, instead of astonishing guests for an additional fee. Hotels enhance the guest experience, turning affordable hotels into real value or luxury hotels into one of the best.

Hassle-free “one-click” taxi booking device – game changer for all hotels and guests

One of the biggest challenges when traveling for business or leisure is a comfortable ride. Guests prefer to stay at hotels that offer end-to-end services, such as transportation arrangements. Imagine this. The receptionist or concierge is dedicated to checking in multiple newly arrived guests, receiving calls and making new reservations, and making room keys available to existing guests. The last thing they want to do is pick up the phone at a taxi company or go out and call a taxi for guests.

That’s where taxi booking devices come in. With the click of a button, the taxi has already arrived at the hotel. The concierge can confirm the driver’s name and arrival on the screen after one minute and notify the guest accordingly. In this way, guests do not have to spend quality time leaving the hotel to find a taxi on their own, providing guests with the time to take a taxi right outside the hotel at a convenient time. ..

Currently, Broadway Plaza in New York, Windsor in Philadelphia, NOLA Marriott in New Orleans, Waldorf Astoria in Chicago, and hundreds of hotels across the United States. Venue ButlerTaxi booking device. The reception staff can book a guest taxi with the click of a button. This device seamlessly enhances the guest experience and allows the concierge and reception to focus on other, more important priority tasks.

Basic medical facilities

We now need to learn to live with COVID-19, and with new mutant variants, the risk is not over yet. The 2022 Travel Outlook Survey found that 53% of participants are likely to purchase travel protection plans and travel health insurance due to the continued impact and uncertainty of COVID-19. rice field. To ensure a laid-back stay for guests, the hotel has set up a hand-washing and disinfection station, regularly opens windows, and regulates air conditioning to enhance air flow, freeing fresh air. Adjust the flow. Guests need to know that all food handlers and kitchen staff follow stricter hygiene measures.

An air purifier, Sleep + Sound machine, ESPA diffuser and sleep mask create a soothing atmosphere in Ritz-Carlton’s wellness room.

Hotels such as Mirabal Arizona Resort & Spa in Austin, Texas and the Ritz-Carlton, Washington, DC have taken the idea of ​​wellness to a whole new level. Following a recent major refurbishment, guests can indulge in a variety of activities that go beyond their usual rest and recreation (R & R) experience. Some activities include horse riding, wellness counseling, barefoot walking meditation, celestial yoga, and Zen boot camps. You can also become a beekeeper at Mirabal’s farm in Texas. This year, a new beekeeping experience will begin.

At The Ritz-Carlton, you can book one of 13 new so-called wellness rooms focused on three wellness areas: comfort, relaxation and fitness. The room contains a yoga mat, a desk wellness ball, a reproductive guard air purifier, and bath salts designed to boost the body’s immune system.

In addition, the hotel now offers temperature screening and rapid antigen test kits as needed. Checking your guest’s vaccine card is another important step in ensuring good health and safety. If the hotel does not provide medical facilities on site, it is recommended that guests be notified with a pamphlet or welcome card about nearby medical services available as needed.

Host a fascinating show

Over the past few years, many of us have lived with the “fear of overlooking” at social events such as karaoke nights, concerts and comedy shows. The hotel can host holiday-themed parties. At this party, you’ll enjoy a selection of menus and bars while maintaining all the safety precautions you need to suit your holiday mood. Things are starting to become hopeful for many formerly closed countries such as Australia, Japan and the United Kingdom, and hosting an event at a hotel is exciting, trendy and eccentric to promote the best guest experience. It is a method.

Ultima Thule Alaska is a luxury lodge 100 miles from the nearest road and can only be accessed by private plane. Here, guests are seated in the middle of a vast belt of protected land on Earth. They hike, fish and boat while their hosts spend the day cooking spectacular meals before returning to their private cabins on the hillside.

Explore new concepts with a digitized guest experience:

With this epidemic, the hotel has new technologies such as robotic hotel staff, AI-approved vacuum cleaners, e-keys to hotel rooms, online check-in and check-out, and some trends already responding to guest interests. Came to adopt. Eighty-one percent of travelers want their hotels to have an advanced digital customer service experience. Guests receive appropriate and prompt responses to inquiries, and hotels can direct staff to more urgent tasks to improve the guest experience. The Internet of Things (IoT) provides what experts predict that up to 46 billion objects will be able to connect to the network by 2021 and will jump to 125 billion by 2030.

Today, hotels take advantage of these opportunities to provide guests with the best possible experience. These digital changes include:

Face recognition: No more lining up at your desk for check-in or payment. As always, some modern hotels utilize facial recognition technology to provide guests with an exceptional experience. It has been adopted as a “smart hospitality service” that utilizes biometrics at checkpoints at multiple hotels to allow guests to check in and make payments quickly.

A butler robot exhibited at the National Restaurant Association show in Chicago last month.

robot: It’s no longer the old way humans do everything. Hotels need to employ AI and robots. Guests at Radisson BluE Edwardian and Edwardian Hotels London in Berkshire, England, use a virtual assistant called Edward to assist with check-in, check-out, and requests for what guests may need during their stay.

One such hotel exploring new concepts is Hilton, USA. Through the mobile app, guests can select the exact room they want, order meals in advance, check in and check out, and use the digital key to unlock the room and elevator. These features are intended for hotels and their guests. Front desk staff can focus on more valuable face-to-face interactions while avoiding the worry of losing hotel room keys.

The hotel industry is constantly evolving, especially during times of crisis. The above tips are part of a small effort initiated by the hotel and will definitely help improve the guest experience by providing the satisfaction and joy of providing guests with the best summer.

Thomas Kruyne Venue ButlerA time-saving taxi booking device for venues such as hotels, bars and restaurants. Optimize and automate your front desk. With the push of a button, the taxi provides excellent customer service on the way to pick up hotel guests. Thomas is Butler United ( Venue Butler) Since June 2015, he was initially appointed as a sales manager in Amsterdam at the Dutch headquarters. As Managing Director, he is responsible for supporting people-to-people connections, leading day-to-day operations, and leading the company to exponential growth. He is also responsible for revenue and sales, profit and loss, strategic decisions, and partnerships. Thomas holds an MBA in Marketing from the Free University of Amsterdam.

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