How Dell Partners Get the Most Out of APEX, According to UK Channel Boss

Dell’s Vice President of Channel Sales in the UK and Ireland outlined the key areas in which partners can benefit from APEX as a new service.

APEX was originally introduced as a project last year, Fully released at this year’s Dell Technologies World It also brings together all of the company’s existing cloud and services as a service in one name and console.

Dell claims that the platform will provide “additional opportunities, partnerships and profitability” to partner networks, including “new revenue streams.”

And Partners are optimistic APEX said it could increase the opportunities Dell mentions, and was asked about resale opportunities as well as how accurately partners could benefit.

But, CRN, Rob Tomlin said partners have the opportunity to resell through APEX and introduce customers to services such as those included in Dell’s custom solution service Flex on Demand, which is already in operation in the UK. I did.

In addition, the 30% incentive surrounding APEX, which Dell emphasized at Technologies World, is the referral fee for these on-demand services, and as APEX rollout continues in the second half of the year, further rebates and incentives may occur in the future. He also revealed that he has sex. After this year.

“In the coming months, we will spend time with all our partners to educate and train them so they can bring them to market when they are properly launched in the UK later this year. “He says. Said.

“We are making a difference here. Things start in stages.

“But APEX is already here. We already have APEX products that we have been offering for several quarters, especially Flex on Demand products, which are consumption-based data center solutions.

“Around the FlexonDemand offering, our partners have announced that they have a 30% margin on their referral business. Before the Dell Technologies World event, there was a 20% referral fee and after the event there was a 30% referral fee.

“Simply put, partners receive it as a finder fee to give us that opportunity. We work together with them to sign a deal. Therefore, close the business together. Is still a collaborative collaboration and partners will receive a finder fee.

“That’s the way it is today, and there are certain partners who can also resell if needed. However, many partners, especially those with a focus on services, are very willing to work at receiving referral fees. I am delighted with that model.

“The great thing about APEX is that you can place your kit in your customer’s data center, managed service provider or reseller’s data center, or in its affiliated Equinix data center.

“But obviously in the hybrid model type, all non-Flex on Demand will be reseller models that resellers buy and sell through the portal later this year, adding services and working on it.”

The move to offer as a service has been seen throughout the industry, and Dell’s rival HPE has recently Greenlake’s offering includes storage as a service..

Data storage forms a key part of the APEX platform, with new partnerships with data provider Equinix and Dell’s cloud services and custom solutions under “a single integrated console that provides self-service access to catalogs.” It features. APEX service “.

And Tomlin says that as APEX evolves, partners will have more opportunities to make more money.

“I think it will be its own industrial segment, which will give customers their choice in the way they want to consume infrastructure and their IT,” he added.

“Some customers are very happy to stay and do what they are doing today. Customers are demanding an on-premises data center, so they need to do so.

“We want to help our customers when they want to move, but the model remains the same, so Dell will continue to support these customers.”

Tomlin said it is generally accepted that most companies use at least two public cloud vendors, but may also use several on-premises infrastructures at the same time.

“The opportunity for partners who are absolutely essential to this is to be able to support traditional on-premises businesses, but then they can develop training and skills to help them design and build hybrids. APEX solutions outside of Equinix and our APEX cloud solutions.

“I think service opportunities are where partners really make money. Partners will really make money in data transformation, migration, building services, and running managed services.

“This is a great opportunity and, of course, we can support customers who want to enter the cloud.”

The launch of Dell’s APEX at Dell Technologies World took place shortly after the company announced it. Sale of shares in both software makers VMware And Cloud platform Boomi..

Also, as the channel adapts to vendors that continue to follow the route as a service away from the traditional model, Tomlin suggests that Dell partners spend time understanding the changes to make it successful. ..

“My advice is to spend some time understanding what we have announced, then sit down with your partner account manager and technical partner account manager, and how you can deal with what you can sell today, Flexon. It’s about understanding. Demand. “

“And over the years in this area, we begin to consider how to differentiate around the service offerings that set them up.” How Dell Partners Get the Most Out of APEX, According to UK Channel Boss

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