How CINC Reduced Cancellations of Real Estate Agent Apps

Real estate lead generation platform CINC used Full Story Reduce churn rates and drive conversions through mobile apps.

CINC, part of Fidelity National Financial, offers real estate professional apps to connect with clients. CINC Product Manager Josh Lowe focused on Full Story’s Digital Experience Intelligence as part of an ongoing effort to track issues more efficiently. “We want to identify issues for our clients and consumers and intelligently determine how to fix them and develop them better for the future,” he says.

CINC’s apps include apps for finding customers’ homes, capturing foot traffic in open houses, and managing customer relationships. Such resources can help support a lean-time real estate business. “Realtors are being attacked in our space,” said Jamie Quenzer, vice president of marketing and sales at CINC. She says she works with agents to help them grow and maintain their income.

When CINC was founded, Product Director Heriberto “Eddie” Rodriguez had a small group working at the forefront of support and service. “Once the client base begins to build, it can have a huge impact if we can see and troubleshoot issues in real time,” he says.

FullStory allows you to discuss issues with your users and see them, says Rodriguez. He says such responsiveness can lead to stickiness, which can be essential for customer retention. “Many companies do our job,” he says. “There are many real estate technology companies.”

The insights provided by FullStory exceed what CINC gained from Google Analytics, Rodriguez said. “You can’t really tell what a user is doing just by looking at page views, unique events, and bounce rates.”

CINC is now using Full Story as part of its mission to promote client ROI, said Jeff Walker, CINC’s Vice President of Products. He oversees product strategy and is used by process teams to capture metrics and understand product performance. “We are entrusted with digital advertising from our clients,” Walker says. Such spending is expected to be a sales opportunity for real estate agents.

Focus on conversion

“We are very focused on conversions,” he says. “We are focused on maximizing visitor-to-booking conversions,” Walker said, with data from the system showing what’s happening, with conversion and bounce rates. As shown, FullStory allows you to see why such an action occurs and CINC can focus on the behavior and see if it could have triggered a response. Ease of use issue or misunderstanding of page functionality. “You can see where they are starting to have problems, which guides us on what we need to do to fix it,” he says.

Walker says CINC also uses Full Story as part of its A / B testing.

Prior to expanding its use, Lowe said the company is using FullStory from a supportive perspective and has revisited CINC’s products, including the consumer and agent sides of their experience. “All this analysis was needed,” he says. Including Full Story in the test equation is an important development, Lowe says. “Until now, we didn’t have the tools or insights to actually test different variations and see which one was right.”

He states that the use of FullStory helped CINC improve some conversion rates by 10% and even 20%. FullStory also provided an app-specific indicator that Lowe wasn’t available directly from Apple or Google. “Now I can see the big picture of what’s going on.”

As CINC launches a new product and adds new features to the site, Walker says he expects some performance. FullStory is part of observing user behavior with these new products, the ability to check with CINC for any deviations from the user’s intended activity, correct it, and then run it again. Provide. “Without Full Story, we wouldn’t have a complete story about what’s happening on the site,” he says. “Since you only see the data, you will be shooting more in the dark.”

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