How CDNs Improve User Experience and Revenue Generation

Content delivery networks can speed up the delivery of content to users. So it’s hard to believe that a large online business can run without a CDN. The following describes how to adapt your CDN to your project’s needs.

First, let’s explain who needs the cache and why. Taking into account the very stringent requirements of today’s users, the answer is “everyone.” Waiting a few seconds for an application, video, or web page to load is too long for modern users.

Since 2010, Google has seen the speed of user interaction with content as a key ranking indicator.Google’s own research shows that Website conversion depends directly on the speed of the website.. According to Google, one way to improve the user experience is to use a CDN.

What problems can a CDN solve?

Without a content delivery network, each large company would have had to build or rent a huge data center to store all the resources it needed in one place. What can this lead to?

Here’s how to solve these problems.

Work all over the world

Delivering content to remote areas

If you want to deliver static content, we recommend choosing a provider that operates in many regions. Equipment should be located in Tier III or IV data centers and large traffic exchange points. In this case, there is no doubt that the content delivery process is reliable and very fast.

level Downtime (hours / year) Fault tolerance (%)
Tier I 28.8 99.671
Tier II twenty two 99.741
Tier III 1.6 1.6 99.982
Tier IV 0.4 0.4 99.995

For example, the GetCourse platform allows users to publish paid video tutorials to millions of viewers from Europe, Asia, Oceania, and CIS countries. This is a big problem if one student pays the lesson but cannot see the lesson. This is a problem that needs to be resolved as soon as possible. Therefore, delivering high-quality content anywhere in the world has become a priority for our GetCourse development strategy.

“The GetCourse platform is accessed by millions of users every day. Our main task is to provide high quality products that are available 24/7 around the world,” says GetCourse. Co-owner and managing partner Sergey Mikhaylov said. “This is not possible without the right infrastructure to solve all service availability issues.”

Using a CDN was an ideal way to deal with this problem. GetCourse experts have tested the services of several vendors and have been frustrated by discovering that those services are not available abroad. They also tested the service of one of the world’s largest CDN providers, but found that prices were unreasonably high as petabytes of traffic “passed” through the platform each month.

As a result, the platform author chose the G-Core Labs CDN service. Its quality turned out to be the same as the world’s leading companies, but at a much more budget-friendly price.

Broadcast video content without delay

For example, when delivering video content to users of streaming services, it is important that the provider can deliver the content without buffering. Imagine you already know how to store and process content. How can I deliver it to users and “close” them as much as possible?

Streaming is a fundamental part of the platform. It is important for this company that the platform is always stable, even when the load changes. Their purpose is to broadcast the highest quality events around the world.

To solve this problem, the organizer of the online event also commissioned G-Core Labs. This is because G-Core’s streaming platform is integrated with the CDN and its high performance is guaranteed by Intel technology (G-Core has begun to integrate 3rd generation Intel Xeon scalable processors into its server infrastructure. I did). The partnership with G-Core allows to broadcast events around the world without delay.

Reduce game loading time

Even if latency rates are measured in milliseconds, game developers can lose users. Therefore, online games require maximum bandwidth and the best possible network performance.

At first, most World of tanks Players were in Europe and CIS countries, so we needed to develop a content delivery network dedicated to this market. The global CDN provider did not have a well-developed infrastructure in the required area and could not provide all the services needed to the developer Wargaming.

Wargaming turned to G-Core Labs to help end users reduce the amount of time they have to wait for a game to be released. G-Core has built a special P2P network to meet Wargaming’s needs and connects directly to the infrastructure of the largest carriers.

Things to keep in mind when enabling a CDN

CDNs are a quick and easy way to speed up the delivery of content to your users. Consider the following before enabling it:

  • Ratio of static content to dynamic content.. The network bandwidth required for static content delivery is different from the network bandwidth required for dynamic content delivery (such as games and streams).
  • User location.. Consider the geographic area where the CDN needs to be.
  • Network performance.. Test your CDN using the appropriate technique. While synthetic tests can reveal valuable information about your website, real-world user metric tests give you more accurate data about how your provider works with real-world users. This is exactly the information you need to use to evaluate the performance of your CDN.
  • CDN provider settings.. Whether the vendor offers a solution that makes it easy to integrate the CDN with the product, whether the CDN has features such as preloading heavy content as a way to speed up content delivery, and whether there is an option to clear the cache. Make sure. Manage cache storage.

G-Core Labs client Use the CDN for free 14 days. The CDN is integrated with the provider’s DNS hosting, so you can connect your website to your CDN in minutes without coding. With this solution, you can deliver cached content to users in more than 100 cities around the world at an average speed of less than 30 ms.

Sam Davis is Vice President of Products at G-Core Labs. How CDNs Improve User Experience and Revenue Generation

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