How can we use our Instagram well?

Your Instagram profile photo serves as your business card, and it can be seen in places other than your profile (Instagram Stories, messages, comments, activity board).

An Instagram profile photo must be distinctive and immediately recognizable in order to catch the interest of the viewer. If you want to be recognized as a “brand,” you should have your own logo. This does not imply that you must spend tens of thousands of zlotys on it.

Instagram Stories: A magical shell

A little point that is growing increasingly significant. Instagram Stories are 15-second videos that may be shared on Instagram. The developers first added this feature in mid-2016. Most new followers now regard a profile without an active Instagram Story as inactive, unorganized, or even ignored. When faced with a choice between two similar profiles – one with an active Insta Story and the other without – most people will go for the one with a “envelope.” It represents the profile owner’s ongoing dedication to content development while also piqueing the interest of new free Instagram followers. Later in this post, we discuss how frequently articles should be published.

A biography (description) is a way of promoting yourself.

One of the most significant aspects of your profile is your bio. It is seen first when entering a profile. Most individuals will not even be enticed to scroll through your profile to see images if the description of who you are or what you do is ignored and does not attract your eye in the first second. If you want to know how to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes, you need to read more.

A bio is nothing more than a brief self-promotional statement. So consider how you may best create it to get people to follow your profile. An eye-friendly bio, according to current trends, should be composed of multiple lines comprising keywords that briefly define the content of your profile. It’s a good idea to employ a few emoticons matched to their subject matter as a supplement to keywords. It’s also worth mentioning that using one or two key hashtags can boost your chances of being included in the area of suggested posts for this tag.

A link to a blog, a Facebook fan page, or a website should be included in the bio for individuals who are interested to click on. If you don’t use this option (which directs Instagram traffic to your website), you’re losing out on potentially interested folks who want to learn more about you or your company’s product. Using the Instagram auto liker without login, you can get more likes for your posts.

Settings for personal privacy

Instagram accounts are divided into two categories: private and public.

A “private” account allows you to entirely limit the privacy of your profile. Outsiders won’t be able to see most of your profile elements, such as your published images, followers, or watch lists, if you choose this account type. The profile name, profile image, and profile description (bio) are the only things that are viewable. This form of account is ideal for those who respect privacy, but it is not recommended for those who wish to expand their profile and obtain more options.

A “public” account is great for those who don’t want to limit themselves to their friends’ circle. Visitors to your profile will see a preview of the content you publish with these settings, allowing them to determine quickly whether or not they want to stay on your profile longer. Furthermore, unlike private accounts, they will not have to wait for permission from the group of followers. Choosing a public profile will accelerate the growth of your Instagram account incomparably.

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