How a company used the blockade to imagine a new way of working

As the world’s best-selling hand sanitizer manufacturer, you will expect GOJO Industries Take special care when returning people to work safely. The company’s systematic approach could serve as a guidebook for companies facing the same challenges.

The forced quarantine of COVID lockdown was a blow, as Purell’s OH maker Akron is proud of its collaboration.

“Before the pandemic, we were almost completely face-to-face culture,” said Emily Estherly, Vice President of Work Ecosystem and Employee Experience. “We were very supportive, with no closed offices.”

The company wanted to maintain its culture while respecting the new needs of social distance and the desires of employees to shed light on working from home.

However, many of the lab and manufacturing employees were unable to work from home, so they didn’t want to show their decisions arbitrarily or issue a comprehensive policy. Long before the restrictions were lifted, executives were seriously thinking about what the future workplace would look like.

GOJO spent 18 months researching employees, conducting focus groups, and prototyping future offices. Hundreds of people participated in this exercise. This exercise aimed to define a role that would meet expectations for future office presence.

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