Hometown Youth Golfer Alison Bell Plays Pebble Beach Par 3 Ahead of Women’s U.S. Open

Mobile, Alabama (WKRG) – One of the local high school golfers will face a national crowd at this week’s Women’s US Open par-3 tournament at Pebble Beach.

Cottage Hill Christian’s Alison Bell is one of only 13 women in the country to earn the opportunity to play in a tournament ahead of a major.

The 15-year-old is scheduled to play at “The Hay” on Wednesday. Bell said his mother told him the big news.

“She called me and she was like, ‘Alison, check your email.’ I think that will be the norm. But when I found out, I was very excited,” Bell said. “It’s a course I’ve always wanted to play.”

Up-and-coming sophomores play a major role in youth golf at the local and national levels. She has coached and mentored her LGPA as an e-leader. For her part, Bell thinks she wants more girls to be interested in sports.

“Whether it’s golf or life, my message to them is ‘little girls, dream big,'” Bell explained. That is the motto of LPGA Girls Golf. “So I want to tell them, don’t lock yourself in a small box, always dream big, because once you dream big, you can do whatever you want.”

Bell also had the opportunity to work with longtime Bishop State coach Ronald Davis. She plays a major role in The Grove Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps inner-city youth learn golf and life lessons.

Davis says Bell is essential to the nonprofit’s success.

“When I realized I needed an e-reader, I couldn’t think of anyone else (Bell),” Davis said. “Ehe leader is basically someone who is there to make up for what you are doing.”

Davis said both young women and boys golfers look up to Bell and are eager to learn from her.

“If you tell them[young golfers]to do something, they’re going to completely ignore you,” Davis explained. “Then turn around and she (Bell) could say the same thing to them and they would do everything she said. So she is very valuable.”

The Globe Foundation provides clubs and equipment to gauge young golfers’ interest in the sport. See Organization for more information. Click here for the website.

https://www.wkrg.com/sports/local-youth-golfer-allyson-bell-to-play-at-pebble-beach-par-3-ahead-of-us-womens-open/ Hometown Youth Golfer Alison Bell Plays Pebble Beach Par 3 Ahead of Women’s U.S. Open

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