Homemade face mask works.The effect depends on how they are made

Penetration and spraying of cough droplets through a single layer of homemade mask fabric. Credit: Bal Krishan

As the virus that causes COVID-19 continues to spread, experts recommend wearing a homemade face mask if a surgical mask or N95 mask is not available to prevent the spread of the pandemic. bottom. Such temporary masks are more economical and readily available in low-capital countries, but the effectiveness of cloth masks has not been studied in detail.

of Fluid physicsResearchers at the Institute of Indian Science have studied the fate of large surrogate cough droplets at various velocities, from mild to severe, using a variety of locally sourced fabrics as masks.

“Our results show that cotton, towel-based fabrics are the most effective of the fabrics considered and need to be sewn together as multiple layers to make a homemade face mask. “The author, Suptal Sibas, said. “We recommend a homemade mask with three or more layers, as it can significantly reduce aerosolization.”

Researchers analyzed the effect of cleaning on mask effectiveness and the results showed that the effect of cleaning on mask effectiveness was negligible in up to 70 cleaning cycles.

Using a piezoelectric-based droplet dispenser, researchers created surrogate cough droplets that affect different monolayers. fabric Samples at different speeds. The fabric used in the study included a single layer of summer stalls, handkerchiefs, cotton towels and surgical masks.

Specific cotton fabric materials were selected based on everyday usage and the tendency to cover the face with these fabric materials. Researchers used high-speed imaging to quantify the penetration threshold and the amount of droplet penetration at various rates.

Researchers have learned how the properties of the fabric are Pore ​​diameter Porousness affects the penetration of droplets through the mask.

Results are relevant to many groups, including: Policy maker We will investigate how to counter the generation of aerosols by secondary spraying as cough droplets penetrate the mask cloth.Mask manufacturer and General populationIt is helpful to know that N95 and surgical masks are the most effective, but if they are not available, certain cotton materials or homemade cloths are suitable for effective temporary face masks.

Survey results are from agriculture Medical practicePlacing a wire mesh or perhaps a variable porosity artificial cellulose mesh can reduce the momentum of the influx of spray from the nozzle, thereby optimal diffusion of nutrients or pesticides into the crop or better disinfection in the hospital. Make sure

Article “Efficacy of Homemade Face mask Insights into human cough: insights into cough droplet penetration, atomization, and aerosolization were written by Bal Krishan, Dipendra Gupta, Gautham Vadlamudi, Shubham Sharma, Dipshikha Chakravortty, and Saptarshi Basu. Fluid physics September 14, 2021.

Sneezing cam reveals the best fabric combo for cloth masks

For more information:
“Effectiveness of Homemade Face Masks for Human Cough: Insights on Cough Droplet Penetration, Spraying, and Aerosolation” Fluid physics (2021).

Quote: Homemade face mask works. Validity depends on the method obtained on September 15, 2021 (September 14, 2021) from https: // ..

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