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At the extraordinary confluence of the event, actress Amanda Seyfried was in the former Silicon Valley of the next television miniseries, just as the disgraceful Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes is preparing to go to a fraudulent trial. I’m busy becoming an executive.

Thursday 7 male and 5 female jury and 5 agents —Vowed to Holmes’ long postponed criminal trial, which has been accused of lying to investors and the general public about the effectiveness of blood testing technology for the now-deceased startup.

The opening statement will begin on Wednesday, September 8th in San Jose.

Amanda Seyfried (Getty Images)

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, Seyfried wears a black turtleneck and ruby ​​red lipstick, pulling back blonde hair to portray Holmes in the series “The Dropout,” which will be streamed on Hulu next year.People magazine ran recently Photo of Seyfried in the set.. See if she agrees with Holmes’ spitting image.

Inspired by the popular ABC podcast of the same name, “The Dropout” is a surge in Holmes who has left Stanford University and launched a company that claimed to revolutionize the fast and low-cost medical industry. Talks about the dramatic descent. -Early detection of costly illnesses and infections using a simple drop of blood.

Theranos, once worth $ 9 billion, eventually collapsed in reports that the technology didn’t work. This has been described by federal regulators as a “massive fraud.”

According to the lively Hulu press release, “The Dropout” is all about “money.” Romance. tragedy. To deceive. … The story of incredible ambition and fame was terribly wrong. Did the world’s youngest self-made woman, Billionaire, lose everything in a blink of an eye? “

Liz Meriwether (“New Girl”) is the creator and executive producer of the Hulu series. In addition to Sherlock, the cast includes Naveen Andrews (“Lost”) as Holmes’ former business partner and lover Sunny Balwarney, and Laurie Metcalf (“Connors”) as Philis Gardner. Defective, Dylan Minnette (“13 Reasons Why”) as Tyler Shultz, a Theranos employee who whistled about the company’s research practices and quality control checks.

Other notable members of the cast are William H. Macy, Sam Waterston, Kurtwood Smith, Anne Archer and Mary Lynn Rajskub.

Obviously, Hollywood has a keen interest in Holmes’ story and doesn’t want to wait for a verdict. In addition to “The Dropout,” a big screen project starring Jennifer Lawrence is underway for some time. Holmes was also the subject of Alex Gibney’s fascinating HBO documentary. “Inventor: In Search of Blood in Silicon Valley”

in the meantime, “Dropout” podcastThere was an award-winning run in 2019, but it’s back with a fresh episode, a great source for everyone after the trial.

The podcast is hosted by ABC News Chief Business, Technology and Economic Correspondents Rebecca Jarvis, Spent more than five years investigating Holmes. (Jarvis is also the producer of the Hulu series).

In this week’s episode, entitled “Bomb,” Holmes’ very expensive defense team, among other things, found that she was sexually and physically abused by Barwani and couldn’t really control her decision-making. I’m investigating a plan to tell the jury.

A new episode of The Dropout will be released every Tuesday and will be available for free on major listening platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, TuneIn, Audacy, and the ABC News app. Hollywood jumps into her story when Elizabeth Holmes is brought to justice – Silicon Valley

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