Hive announces mini thermostat

With the announcement of the Hive Mini thermostat, the tentative release date for the company’s next-generation smart heating system is early 2022.

The Hive Mini is the latest member of the Hive Active Heating family and is designed to be a more affordable alternative to the standard. Hive thermostat..

Mini has geolocation technology that recognizes if you turned on heating after leaving the house and sends a notification to turn it off, helping to reduce costs and wasted energy.

You can also link your Hive app with the Hive Contact Sensor (if you have one). This will take you one step further and turn off the heating if you close the front door on your way out.

Once everything is set in the Hive app, you can start setting the Hive Mini schedule and target temperature and switch between heating mode and hot water mode. When the temperature of the house drops below 7 degrees, the heating is turned on and there is an anti-frost mode to prevent the pipes from freezing.

Hive mini thermostat

If you are a proud owner of other Hive devices, you can connect them all in the app to better manage your power usage. In addition, you have the option to control the Hive Mini using the Google Assistant or Alexa for a more streamlined experience.

Additional features such as an integrated budget tracker and heating efficiency monitor are available through Hive Heating Plus, a Hive subscription service. The service is currently priced at £ 3.99 per month.

Hive mini thermostat

You can register the Internet with HiveMiniThermostat. Hive website Therefore, you can first know when it was officially released. Hive announces mini thermostat

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