High school basketball rules to change next year

Springfield, Massachusetts (WWLP) – The National Federation of High School Societies (NFHS) recently announced some changes to free throws and fouls for the upcoming school year.

Starting next year, high school basketball teams will hit two free throws when they reach the foul bonus. Bonus eligibility will also change. In each quarter the team reaches the bonus when he commits 5 fouls. Team fouls are also reset every quarter.

Previously, a “1 and 1” bonus was awarded when the opposing team reached 7 fouls in each half, and 2 foul shots were awarded to the team when 10 fouls were reached in each half. A “one and one” foul shot is when the first free throw is a live ball if it misses and the second free throw is awarded if the first shot is successful.

The NFHS said these changes would improve the flow of the game and reduce the risk of injury when rebounding.

“The Rules Commission has studied data showing high rebounding injury rates and saw this as an opportunity to reduce opportunities for rough play on rebounds,” said the NFHS sports director and liaison with the Basketball Rules Commission. Lindsay Atkinson, who serves as “In addition, resetting fouls after each quarter improves the flow of the game and allows teams to adjust their play by not carrying foul totals into the second and fourth quarters.”

Throw-in procedures for frontcourt violations have also been adjusted. If the ball is in the team’s control on the offensive side of the court and the defensive team commits an offense or the ball goes dead, the throw-in by the offensive team shall be one of four designations determined by where the offense was made. done at one of the spots. place. The designated spot is either the closest 28-foot mark along the sidelines or the closest spot 3 feet outside the lane line on the endline.

However, if the defending team causes the ball to go out of bounds, the throw-in will still be taken where the ball went out of bounds.

Additionally, if the referee makes a throw-in to the wrong team, he can correct the error before the first dead ball after the ball has gone live. However, once possession of the ball has changed, the error cannot be rectified.

Other changes in high school sports include establishing shot clock operator locations and allowing players to go out of bounds in some circumstances. A full list and details can be found below.

According to the NFHS, basketball is the third most popular high school sport for boys and the fourth most popular high school sport for girls in the country.

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