‘He’s shooting us, run away’ Lillian vet recovering after bizarre weekend of shootings

Lillian, Alabama (WKRGMore) — Dr. Susan Wells, a Lillian veterinarian who was discharged with a bullet hole in her right calf, is still trying to figure it all out. “He was shooting us. He was absolutely shooting us.”

Investigators on Saturday said Ernest Jett pulled out a Mini-Draco automatic pistol and began firing on a group gathering for a hunting dog competition in Jackson County, Florida.

Wells had just arrived when he saw a figure about thirty yards away.

“When he came across the field, we didn’t pay much attention until he brandished his weapon. It was like what you’re doing.”

Veterinarian Dr. Susan Wells is recovering at home after being shot near Dothan over the weekend.

She said to everyone, Run! “She turns around and a burning sensation tore her leg. ‘The entrance wound is around here,'” she says, pointing to her bandaged right leg. it’s a lump.

A friend pulled her into a horse trailer as bullets rumbled from the ground and trailer.

“I saw him drop an empty clip from his weapon, put another in and keep shooting,” she says.

Through all of this, her thoughts were on horses and dogs tied up outside. She was sure they were injured or worse.

She says they are all fine and she is fine too.

“I don’t know how it was only hit in one place. I mean, we are so blessed.”

Earnest Jett, 47, arrested near Dothan.

Jett remains in the Houston County Jail. He will be extradited to Florida, where he will face charges including attempted murder.

https://www.wkrg.com/baldwin-county/hes-shooting-at-us-run-lillian-veterinarian-recovering-after-bizarre-weekend-shooting/ ‘He’s shooting us, run away’ Lillian vet recovering after bizarre weekend of shootings

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