Health professionals use TikTok to share helpful health tips and advice

TikTok has proven to be a useful learning resource and has recently become a reliable platform for healthcare professionals, practitioners and scientists to share important information about health and wellness. Through content, creators in these areas have been able to access and understand complex medical and scientific information. The video also helps uncover false medical information and better educates users in the app on a variety of health topics.

Health tips and advice are shared by experts using the hashtag #HealthTokPH. Hashtags, which have had a positive impact on app healthcare professionals since their release in February last year, have been played over 435.2 million times on TikTok. Many doctors and nurses in the app are starting to consult through TikTok’s Q & A feature.

The following is an example of useful content shared by healthcare professionals using #HealthTokPH.

Influenza vs Covid-19 Symptoms

Doc Macoi

In this video, Doc Macoi explains how the flu symptoms and the COVID-19 symptoms are similar and encourages readers to pay attention if any of these symptoms occur. He also emphasizes that a diagnosis of COVID positive can only be reached by proper testing.

Get vaccinated against COVID-19

Dr. Kirimangle

Dr. Kirimangle shares his first-hand experience with COVID-19 vaccination and answers the pressing questions that many may have. He talks about his brand choices, why he chose to get vaccinated, and lists the side effects he experienced.

Learn the common symptoms of stroke



In this video, docN describes the most common symptoms to be aware of if you suspect you may have a stroke. She does this in a creative way that makes the information easier to understand and makes learning more acceptable to the viewer.

What Causes Eye Convulsions?

Dr. Doms Dater

Dr. Doms Dator creatively explains what causes eye cramps and what to do when suffering from this condition. He shares that eye spasms are usually harmless, but he also states that it is important to see a doctor if symptoms persist or if vision is affected.

Blood pressure and hypertension


Chris Luluna

This video explains blood pressure and how to tell if you already have high blood pressure. Creator Krizzle Luna also shares useful tips for preventing high blood pressure, such as stress management and regular exercise.

In addition to promoting health-related content in the app, TikTok has partnered with Konsulta MD to perform a useful LIVE for women and mothers on Mother’s Day, May 9th last year. Konsulta MD is the largest telemedicine company in the Philippines, providing 24/7 access to high quality medical information through a team of licensed Filipino physicians. TikTok was interested in women’s health, which was a topic focused during LIVE, along with breastfeeding tips from Konsulta MD doctors.

Micro-learning with TikTok has made education fun, and the app has truly evolved into a platform for sharing knowledge. Ligtas ang may alam, So check out more health and wellness tips and information on TikTok today.Download your app iOS And Android The device to start.


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