He wanted to cancel Xfinity. Xfinity wanted another chance.then big oops

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i have a simple relationship with Xfinity.

As much as you can trust a large tech conglomerate, I hope you can trust it.

In return, Xifinity will send me an email thanking me for paying on time.

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Over the years this has worked for the most part. Occasional big snafu.

But it’s understandable that not everyone enjoys such a lasting relationship.

For example, here was aviation journalist Seth Miller. He clearly had enough.he explained This tells Xfinity’s AI assistant in a very silly way: “Cancel my Xfinity service.”

Xifinity, artists formerly known as Comcast, have a reputation for never saying no.Who Can Forget The World’s Worst Retention Specialist Haranging a customer who wants to leave?

As such, Xfinity’s assistant wrote back to Miller, “We value your business and appreciate your loyalty.” Yes, it was as if Miller’s loyalties weren’t fully understood to be kaput.

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But the assistant bravely continued. you decide. ”

Are you terribly tempted? To be honest, I’m tempted to cancel now. For example, I just want to talk to someone who can help me lower her Xfinity bill which is very expensive.

Fortunately, the assistant gave Miller four options. “Schedule a Callback”, “Chat with an Agent”, “Go to the Store” and finally “Shout Out Now”.

Actually, I got the last one wrong. It was “Learn about Free Internet (ACP)”.

With seemingly endowed decency, Miller chose to “chat with an agent.”

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There was a moment here when Xfinity was able to use the twin tweezers of technology and humanity to demonstrate their ability to change the emotions of their customers.

It’s easy to imagine that Xfinity’s assistant responded with uncontrollable glee.

You can even imagine riding a bicycle made of pomegranate.

Xfinity’s assistant replied: Here are some useful information and common solutions for digital support. ”

ah. oh.

The word “useful” comes up again, and is often used in its modern sense.

Miller kindly explained his feelings on Twitter: I know it won’t work.All you are doing is wasting my time.Do you think that will change my mind??”

If you use technology and humanity in your seamless dance, it’s worth making sure it actually works. This is very bad for business.

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But there was an even greater torture here.

Mr. Miller in a subsequent tweet: “Ironically, there was absolutely no wait on the phone when the IVR tried to force me to chat, and the representative was more than happy to handle the request. , the process is garbage.”

The customer service process always requires effort, investment, and no less love.

Research has repeatedly shown that cheerful chatbots can be very different from the solutions companies envision.

Here, for example, Georgia Tech Research: “A cheerful chatbot doesn’t necessarily improve customer service.” investigation 53% described chatbots as “annoying”.

But they are very cost effective, right?

https://www.zdnet.com/article/he-wanted-to-cancel-xfinity-xfinity-begged-for-one-more-chance-then-a-big-oopsie/#ftag=RSSbaffb68 He wanted to cancel Xfinity. Xfinity wanted another chance.then big oops

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