Gulf Shores City School Ranked 10th in State: Alabama Board of Education State Report Card

Gulf Shores, Alabama (WKRGMore)– Gulf Shores City Schools It was recently named the 10th ranked school system out of 145 districts in Alabama. Alabama Department of Education Report Card It was released earlier this month.

Principal Dr. Matt Akin said he was proud to get an A (92) after his overlooked city school was graded for the first time.

β€œIt’s broad coverage because it looks at math, language and science, but also absenteeism, graduation rates, college and career readiness,” Akin said of the various categories scored in the report. said.

gulf shores high school It is the only school in Baldwin County to receive an A and ranks #1 in the county.

of Baldwin County Public School System He received a B on his grade report and was ranked 53rd in Alabama.

Two years ago, Gulf Shores City Schools became an independent school district. The system overcame the challenges of the COVID-19 school year and scored top marks on the first gradebook. Due to the pandemic, I didn’t have a report card for the last two grades.

“I can’t say enough,” said Aiken. “It’s all about teaching and faculty taking their work one step further.”

Cindy Veazey, principal of Gulf Shores High School, is thrilled to learn that her high school is the only A-rated school in Baldwin County.

“they [teachers] Please understand that children need to be involved in order for them to be in school and on track for graduation,” Vesey said. “They go above and beyond what a child couldn’t get to pass that class and teach them again in order to move forward and graduate.”

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https://www.wkrg.com/baldwin-county/gulf-shores-city-schools-ranked-10th-in-state-alabama-board-of-education-state-report-card/ Gulf Shores City School Ranked 10th in State: Alabama Board of Education State Report Card

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