Grocery chain Tesco suffers a two-day outage after hacking

British grocery shoppers have had some headaches this weekend. according to NS Parents, NS Grocery chain Tesco I’ve been working on it in about 2 days Stop Prevents customers (at the time of writing this article) from ordering or modifying through the company’s website or mobile app. The company says nothing more than pointing out that the intruder “tried to interfere with our system,” but identified a hacking incident that affected search.

The company did not have an estimated time frame for corrections and did not identify potential causes. However, there is “no reason to believe” that cyber attacks have affected customer data.

This is not the first time Tesco has suffered from hacking. A 2014 breach invalidated the account after an intruder shared login details for over 2,000 users. In 2016, an attack on Tesco Bank lost about £ 2.5 million (today’s worth $ 3.4 million).

Whoever is responsible, the incident further highlights the vulnerability of food supply chains to cyber attacks. Meat supplier JBS has since been one of the most prominent victims. Became a prey to ransomwareHowever, the grocery store itself is also at risk of confusion, which can lead to restricted deliveries and food not reaching the table.

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