Great performance with a small NSK ball screw

NSK Linear Motion Control’s new high-speed series of miniature large lead ball screws offers many important benefits to users, including faster product takt times, smaller equipment possibilities, and lower power consumption. Among the applications that are set to benefit are semiconductor chip mounters and component regulators.

The performance characteristics of the new ball screw, along with its large leads and small diameter, optimize the product for equipment used in the semiconductor industry. The semiconductor industry requires very high levels of throughput and chip mounting accuracy.

NSK has succeeded in reducing the load on the motor by reducing the ball screw shaft diameter as much as possible to reduce the inertia and at the same time increasing the number of leads by introducing new manufacturing technology. Furthermore, by adopting the company’s end deflector recirculation system with high-speed and low-noise characteristics, we succeeded in achieving a maximum rotation speed of 5000 rpm.

These advanced features are ideal for chip mounters and other equipment that require relatively short strokes, enabling high acceleration / deceleration and operation at traverse speeds in excess of 1.25 m / s. This speed exceeds the performance of linear motors and can easily reduce takt time.

Part of NSK’s Compact-FA series, the small large lead ball screw, available in short lead times, provides fast and accurate multipoint positioning and can be used as an alternative to small air cylinders. .. Importantly, this range is environmentally friendly and free of harmful substances, which helps support NSK’s customer sustainability qualifications.

With shaft diameters of both 6 mm and 8 mm, it can be used with the largest lead options in its class (8, 10, 12, 15 mm). Thin nuts, which reduce the height of flanges and nuts by up to 33% compared to conventional ball screws, contribute to machine miniaturization and thus reduce power consumption.

Among the available options is NSK’s K1 Lubrication Unit. It slowly exudes lubricant from the resin components, providing long-term maintenance-free operation.

For more information, please visit the following URL: www.nsk-literature.com/en/compact-fa-ball-screws

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