Gravestone destroyed in car crash at Louisiana cemetery

La Rain (KLFY) – A car accident in Laing leaves a cemetery with damaged tombstones, broken fences, and left car bumpers in a ditch.

At a local church, a car rammed the gate, damaging one of the cemeteries and damaging several tombstones.

Willie Leary, trustee of Our Mother of Mercy, said he received a call Saturday night about an accident at a churchyard. I said I saw you doing it.

“We noticed cars crossing the ditch, going through the Ross iron railings, and parked on top of three graves,” Larry said. “We also noticed that some tombstones had been removed, and one tomb was actually cracked, not severely damaged, just enough damage to mess things up. I also noticed.”

Larry said he was sorry that this happened, but he is happy that the driver is okay.

“My biggest concern was that the driver was not injured, thank God for that,” said Larry.

Father Pius Aziki, priest of the Mother of Mercy, said he immediately notified the family of the damaged tombstone. He said repairs are already underway and should be completed by the end of this week.

“We are already in the process of repairing the tomb,” Ajiki said. “We have called the people who will perform the function. It will be restored.

Father Ajiki said he shares his concerns and just wants the family to know that repairs are underway.

“Yes, we want our families to know that we are very concerned,” said Ajiki. is almost ready for repair.”

https://www.wkrg.com/state-regional/car-crash-leads-to-damaged-headstones-in-louisiana-cemetery/ Gravestone destroyed in car crash at Louisiana cemetery

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