Grafton Architects’ Warehouse of Ideas Wins 2021 Stirling Prize

Out of 6 great projects The overall winner, who was finalized last month, was finally selected for the 2021 Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Stirling Prize, the most prestigious award in British architecture. Grafton Architects is in favor of a brilliant job at Kingston University London-Townhouse.

Grafton Architects was founded in 1978 by Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara of Ireland. Their work is filled with many concrete buildings with an impressive appearance, sympathizing with the needs of the occupants and providing a comfortable and comfortable space to live in. ..

Kingston University London-Townhouse contains multiple areas for students to meet


The exterior of the townhouse is defined by multiple terrace areas, including a roof terrace, and exposed concrete frames that form the garden, with generous glass to ensure that sunlight penetrates inside. The interior contrasts polished concrete with wood to enhance effectiveness and facilitate interaction between students and the cozy foyer on the ground floor with several seating areas. Another important aspect of design is that you can’t see it, but you just hear it. in short, No I heard: Its excellent acoustic design allows you to meet the conflicting needs of a noisy dance studio and theater, as well as a quiet library and archive at the same time.

“Kingston University’s Townhouse is a theater of life and a treasure trove of ideas,” says Sir Norman Foster of Foster + Partners (which itself was before). Stirling Prize winner), And RIBA Judge. “It seamlessly connects students and the town community and creates a progressive new model for international admiration and remarkable higher education. In this highly original architectural work, quiet reading, great. Volume performance, research and learning can coexist happily. It’s not a meaningless feat. Education must be our future – and this must be the future of education. ”

Kingston University London-Townhouse includes dance studios, theaters, libraries and archives
Kingston University London-Townhouse includes dance studios, theaters, libraries and archives


Townhouse won BREEAM Excellent Green building standards Because of its energy efficient design. When possible, Grafton Architects used passive strategies such as natural ventilation and sunshades. This, combined with the building’s large concrete shell, excellent insulation, and a high level of airtightness, all help keep the interior at a relatively stable temperature. Built of concrete, its carbon dioxide emissions have been somewhat mitigated by eliminating structural efficiency, the use of improved concrete mixtures, and the need for large basements that were initially thought to be necessary. increase. In addition, solar panels hidden in the roof reduce the grid-based power demand of the building.

“We imagined a place where students could relax,” adds Grafton Architects. “This building is about people, interactions, light, possibilities. Connecting to a three-dimensional framework with communities, passers-by, invitations to cross the threshold, layers of silence and layers of sound. Space, volume The edges of the building are not boundaries, but lively meeting spaces, terraces, galleries. Being outside under the big sky is always just a few steps away. Kingston University, we are space It has provided this educational vision that has been transformed into a traditional open matrix. We are very pleased that Kingston Townhouse has received the prestigious Sterling Award. “

source: RIBA, Grafton Architects, Kingston University Grafton Architects’ Warehouse of Ideas Wins 2021 Stirling Prize

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