GPUs are finally becoming affordable

The COVID-19 Pandemic And as a result Tip shortage When Supply chain crisis Is affecting most areas of the economy car To camera.. However, in the last two years, the graphics card market has been the most affected.

That’s why GPU prices are finally back to normal.

Graphics processing unit (GPU) Is a dedicated computer chip. Mainly handles graphical operations, But they can also do a lot more. GPUs, also known as graphics cards or graphics cards, are designed to simultaneously perform a surprising amount of relatively simple and similar calculations to run video games at high resolutions. Central processing units or CPUs, on the other hand, are more capable of performing very complex and diverse calculations one after another. For most PC gamers GPU is the weakest link Being a gaming rig, it’s worth upgrading the components.

As the popularity of games grows Not surprisingly, during the pandemic, PC gamers were trying to buy more high-end GPUs to improve their computers. (For the same reason PS5 and Xbox series S and X It is almost permanently out of stock. But unfortunately, graphics cards have been in high demand for other purposes. Cryptocurrency mining..

GPUs are especially useful for crypto mining because they can perform billions of calculations per second. Every time a block is added to the Bitcoin or Ethereum blockchain, it causes competition to solve increasingly difficult math puzzles. The more GPUs you have, the more rewards you will receive. This is because the calculation can be done faster.The reason is the energy cost to power all these GPUs (and other more specialized mining chips) Bitcoin is a nightmare in such an environment..

All this means that the price of graphics cards has been ridiculously high over the last two years. Most retailers sold out almost instantly when they were able to put them in, and at the peak of May last year, some graphics cards like the Nvida RTX 30 series line Sold by eBay’s Scalper for up to 3.5 times the official launch price.. For those who are just looking to upgrade their gaming PC, it was an absolute mess.

But now the market seems to be finally back to normal. According to Tom’s hardware Tracking GPU prices since late 2020, You can now buy popular graphics cards from many online stores at a “slightly reasonable price”.Even better, you can find some cards-like GeForce RTX 3080 on Newegg For $ 1,000, it’s cheaper than eBay. 5 or 6 months ago Costs close to $ 1,800 In the secondary market.

Tom’s Hardware speculates that the return to more normal prices indicates that “many factors that have caused a significant rise in GPU prices” are weakening. The supply chain is less pandemic disruptive, so more cards are being manufactured and shipped. Cryptocurrency prices are stable or declining, which reduces mining profitability and thus reduces demand from miners for high-end GPUs. Tom’s Hardware also believes that the rumored “closed-door transaction that resulted in millions of GPUs going straight to mining farms” has ceased, further increasing the supply of video cards at retail stores.

Overall, PC gamers should be able to get one of the latest generation GPUs at a price close to the manufacturer’s recommended selling price, but these prices are still on the decline. There is one catch, but: AMD and Nvidia Both are planning to release next-generation cards later this year. The latest and greatest cards available from these companies, which were almost impossible to buy, were released in 2020. For many, it may be worth the wait for a few more months. Alternatively, depending on what the market is like, you can see prices soaring significantly and Scalper making a profit. GPUs are finally becoming affordable

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