Government publishes list of workers exempt from isolation

business Secretary Kwasi Kwaten The government has announced that it will release a list of UK workers exempt from self-quarantine rules later today (July 22).

Kwarteng revealed the news while talking to the BBC’s Radio 4 Today program. Staff working in the major sectors on the list do not need to be quarantined for up to 10 days if pinged, as long as they are fully vaccinated.

The news comes from allegedly “increasing pressure” in British supermarkets. ‘.

Also, when I talk to the BBC, Iceland Managing Director Richard Walker has revealed that approximately 1,000 staff members are currently absent for the following reasons: COVID-19 Related reasons.

He added that the situation could be “much worse and much faster” without government intervention.

This is the same as the call by Andrew Opie, who is responsible for the sustainability of food advertising. BRC“The ongoing” pingdemic “is increasingly putting pressure on retailers’ ability to maintain business hours and keep inventory on shelves.

“With the proliferation of community cases, the number of healthy retail staff who must self-isolate is growing rapidly, disrupting retail operations.” Government publishes list of workers exempt from isolation

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