Google’s AppSheet Automation no-code platform is now generally available

Google says it No code The platform AppSheet Automation is generally available.The platform was first announced last fall..

AppSheet Automation allows businesses to automate manual tasks and focus more time and effort on high-impact tasks.

For example, its intelligent document processing capabilities allow users to automatically extract unstructured data from documents such as invoices, receipts, and W-9s.

In line with general availability, Google is expanding the platform’s data source event support to add Google Sheets and Drives. The company believes this will facilitate collaboration while maintaining IT governance and security.

Google is also working on adding the ability to embed an AppSheet view in Gmail. This allows users to perform approvals from within the email.

“As automation extends the power of no-code, organizations around the world will find new and creative ways to engage with their employees. Technologies such as AppSheet are today’s highly distracting business environment. Empowers those who work in, spending more time on important tasks and doing things that weren’t possible before. We believe that a human-centric approach is important to help companies become more sympathetic and efficient, and we’re excited to see how AppSheet is used. New automation capabilities. ” Said Prithpal Bhogill, Product Manager for AppSheet, Google’s business application platform. Position.. Google’s AppSheet Automation no-code platform is now generally available

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