Google will soon automatically register users with 2FA

Google wants someday because you’re so tired of relying on passwords Discard the authentication method completely. But in the meantime, search giants are introducing easier ways to improve security online. By default, activate two-factor authentication (2FA) on your Google account.

Big G currently offers 2FA (also known as 2-step verification (2SV)) as an optional setting, but it will be turned on automatically shortly.

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Mark Risher, director of product management, identity and user security at Google, announced the plan in a blog post Thursday.

I will ask the person who registered in today 2-step certification (2SV) Just tap the Google prompt on your phone every time you sign in to verify that they are. If your account is properly configured, we will soon start auto-registering users with 2SV.

A “properly configured” account already contains recovery information such as backup emails and phone numbers.You can check the google settings Security check page

You can opt out of 2FA, but it’s usually unwise. Research by Microsoft We found that using m was more than 99.9% less likely to compromise your account.Ultimate certification.

That doesn’t mean that 2FA is perfect, But it’s much safer than following Kanye West Reed Protect your account with just password 000000. Google will soon automatically register users with 2FA

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