Google will offer a second new Pixel 6 chip to a small number of selected users

You can plug them in too.

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If you have one from Apple iPhone 13 Indeed, in contrast to the other iPhone 12, it was to make people expect a phone that actually looked different.

Placing cameras diagonally rather than in small rows is not a consumer dream.

Perhaps then Google Pixel 6 It will be strengthened.

Perhaps Google is aware of this as well. Because, in a unique enthusiasm for marketing, it suddenly hangs a true surprise outlook.

You are certainly so-called Tensor tip It will be embedded in Pixel6.

But please. Does it make a sound? Can you pick it up and swing it around? And most importantly, can you eat it in your mouth?

You may think these questions are ridiculous. You may think you simply haven’t heard of Google’s current incentives for excitement.

Now on sale Real Google Potato Chips.. Lament the types you eat and their impact on your girth.

These are not ordinary potato chips.

First, Google ads show that the bag is plugged in. This is a revolution.

And not only are they endowed with “googly saltiness”, but they are not only ideas that I don’t think are completely palatable, but they are clearly personalized to lucky recipients.

Did you know that there are pitfalls? You know that getting the saltiness of googly is not easy.

By the way, this promotion is being carried out in Japan. And all 10,000 bags, 9to5Google Lament, Has already been taken. The fact that it was offered free of charge to the first 10,000 applicants online suggests that many were disappointed.

However, please be careful.

Even such a small wheezing can give you a glimpse of Google’s intent.

Previously, Google phones were sold with all the enthusiasm of goats. With the advent of Pixels, the advent of Pixels, and the band of stubborn supporters, the phone had little impact on market share.

If Google is really serious and the company claims to exponentially enhance Pixel 6 marketing, at least Pixel 6 gets a lot more attention than many of its sometimes very good predecessors. You may see it.

But I’m worried that Google might make its marketing look like all other phone ads.

One of its first attempts shows that young skateboarding intellectuals are doing exciting and intellectual things. promise Pixel 6 finds out who you are.

Isn’t that a scary idea?

More technically incorrect Google will offer a second new Pixel 6 chip to a small number of selected users

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