Google says it’s serious about tablets again.I agree

With updates On the acclaimed Pixel line, Google has announced plans to return to the tablet. It was a matter of course. Android 13 focused on getting the operating system to work better on both large screens and different devices. The company also unveiled the next tablet scheduled for 2023.

With Google all-in, you’ll want to cheer for your Pixel tablet.It has Android 12L When Android 13 To take advantage of a larger screen. We are working on deploying about 20 mobile app updates. We’re also working on Tensor, a custom chip that makes the Pixel Tablet more like an iPad than before. So why do we feel skeptical? Simple: Google has no direction in both hardware and software, so it’s hard to believe that it has a serious long-term plan.

Fool me once

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If you’re not impressed with Google’s new love for tablets and big-screen devices, it’s because the company is known to be talking, but not taking a walk. We have known for years that Android tablets smoke for their software. Sure, it’s possible to argue that companies can’t control third-party app developers, but what about their apps?

That’s why my biggest commitment this week is the great pride of apps optimized for tablets. Google seems to think we should support them, but it’s hard to imagine why. Apart from Android tablets, the company has been selling Chromebooks for the past few years and has the ability to run Android apps and promote it as a killer feature. Why did Google proudly announce that it has updated the app to work well on the big screen? Have you noticed that Google has been selling $ 1,000 big-screen Android devices in its Google Store for years? Pixelbook Go??When announced at Pixel slate What did it mean to bring an “optimized Android app” for an “uncompromising experience”? Chromebooks don’t count as “big screen devices,” but it’s tempting to claim that Google counts. Include them So why did it take so long to finally build these apps when they should have already achieved that?

As someone using countless dead-end mobile platforms, nothing is more familiar than corporate enthusiasm ultimately getting something important right. Also, nothing is more familiar than seeing the first explosion of enthusiasm disappear. Google can maintain this momentum and create a suite of big-screen Android apps that will shake even the most enthusiastic skeptics, but far more to prove it. It takes time.

Beyond execution failure

Google Pixel C
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The bigger problem here is that it’s hard to understand what Google really means to “make the tablet right.” Not only did Google fail to run, but Google wasn’t able to consistently draw a throughline of the latest tablet efforts. It’s not a design, it’s not an end, it’s not an operating system.Indeed, Google say This time it’s real, but every other year it flies, stumbles, and grabs conflicting and contradictory goals.

Does Google think tablets are cheap just because Amazon’s Fire tablets are selling? The iPad Air is so good, do you need a premium big screen tablet?Or is Pixel C What should an ideal tablet look like? Or do you need a full desktop operating system on tablets such as Microsoft Surface and Samsung Dex? Google doesn’t seem to know, and even if you design Android on your tablet to look like the iPad OS, this reactionary, non-creative imitation trend is less obvious.

Say what to do about Apple, Samsung, or Microsoft, but each iteration is based on what came before.You are with Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Tab S8 And you understand some sort of how one connected to the other. You look at SurfacePro3, Surface Pro 8, And the lineage is clear. The Pixel Slate and Pixel C look very different from each other, but Google’s Pixel Tablet looks like it’s from the NestHub Spare Parts Bin, not from the Pixel Team. Are you confident that the Pixel Tablet 2 will be teased this time next year, or is it likely that you will wait until 2025 for the next Pixel Sheet with Android 16 and more?

I will leave this to you Quote From Google Hardware Chief Rick Osterloh: “Google’s hardware team is dedicated to building future laptops, but there’s no doubt that the Android and Chrome OS teams are on the market (consumers, businesses,[Education)”Hesaidin2019threeyearsagotheGooglehardwareteamdidnotbuildandfollowupexactlyonelaptopacrossitssolefocus[education)”Hesaidthatthreeyearsagoin2019DuringtheentiretyofthatsolefocustheGooglehardwareteambuiltpreciselyonelaptopandneverfollowedup[教育)。」彼は、3年前の2019年に、その唯一の焦点の全体にわたって、Googleハードウェアチームが正確に1台のラップトップを構築し、フォローアップすることはなかったと述べました。[education)”Hesaidthatthreeyearsagoin2019DuringtheentiretyofthatsolefocustheGooglehardwareteambuiltpreciselyonelaptopandneverfollowedup

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