Google Pixel Buds A Series Get More Options With Firmware Update

Released by google Pixel Buds A Series Wireless Headphones Update. Bass sliders, loudness correction settings to improve bass and treble response at low volumes, and improved connectivity have been added (via Droid life). Buds are only $ 99 (or Pre-order Pixel 6 or 6 Pro), It’s great to see Google adding new features through software updates.

As us I learned early today, Pixel Buds gives you more control over bass response.Bud Previously there was a “bass boost” optionBut now you can use the 4-step slider to raise the bass. You can also lower the notch if desired.

According to Google, the Pixel Buds A-series will try to fall back to the previously connected device if it cannot connect to the last used device. For example, if you’re using a bud on a laptop that’s currently turned off, you can connect the bud to your phone before using it on your computer so that it automatically connects to your phone when you remove it from the case. increase.

According to Google, update version 282 will be “released in the next few days” and will automatically be available if you’re using a Pixel running Android 10 or later, or if you’re using a smartphone running Android 6 or later. It will be installed. Installed Pixel Buds app (if you have permission to view nearby devices).If you don’t want to wait for automatic updates, Google How to manually check for updates Similarly. Google Pixel Buds A Series Get More Options With Firmware Update

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