Google Pixel 4 drops to Amazon’s lowest ever $ 400

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If you’ve been anxious for an affordable Google smartphone, but need something stronger than the current Pixel line, don’t despair.Amazon sells 64GB Pixel 4 Just for $ 400, With B & H Photo matching Its price.This is the lowest ever flagship of the past and is more affordable than the new one. Pixel 4a 5G — It’s worth considering whether processing power is more important than the latest wireless technology.

Buy Pixel 4 (64GB) on Amazon-$ 400

Buy Pixel 4 (64GB) at B & H-$ 400

You can also buy the 128GB version at a discounted price on both sites, but B & H is currently better off at $ 430 than Amazon’s $ 470.

There are some caveats. Pixel 4 is nearly two years old, so you won’t get any more Android updates (Android 12 One of them). Battery life and screen brightness are strictly ok. Also, Google’s Motion Sense Gesture feature never actually works. This is a great bonus, but it’s not something you might use on a daily basis.

However, in return, this could be a better value than the current Pixel 4a. And 5 Models, especially with premium Pixel 6 A series that is likely to be on the horizon. You have a reasonably fast device with a smooth display and a good camera for slow, usually poorly functioning phones. As long as you can live with habits, it may provide a better overall experience.

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