Google partners with SIDBI to launch $ 15 million financial support program in India

New Delhi: Google, in collaboration with India’s Small Industrial Development Bank (SIDBI), launched a $ 15 million financial support program on Thursday, with micro-enterprises starting at Rs. 250,000 to 1 at competitive interest rates. We have made a loan of 100 million rupees available. Google ads used by cybercriminals to steal $ 500,000 worth of cryptocurrencies..

The program aims to meet the credit needs of Indian micro enterprises and will help them invest in operations such as purchasing new machinery, production infrastructure and working capital requirements, “Google said in a statement. I am saying.

“This also shows that SIDBI has begun a paperless journey to its customers from onboarding to the payment phase,” said Sivasubramanian Ramann, Chairman and Managing Director of SIDBI, in the 7th edition of the “Google For India” virtual event. Said as a bystander.

This program prioritizes women-owned companies and those engaged in the manufacture of equipment for the fight against pandemics.

“Government-industry cooperation will greatly help strengthen the mission of India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s” Atmanilbar Bharat “. To achieve this, we need to focus on skills, human resources development, and the capabilities that India needs to become a key digital economy. A global player. “

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