Google Meet gets fun filters and masks on iOS and Android

Google has roll out Update meet A video calling app that makes personal calls more enjoyable. The Meet app for Android and iOS now has playable filters and masks. Simply tap the Sparkle button in the lower right corner of Video Hangouts to see your effect options. You’ll see the blur effect and background as you would for an enterprise or education account, but the carousel options also show Style and Filter.

[スタイル]Below you will see the lens flare effects and color overlays that you can apply to your video. But if you want to see really fun options, look under the filter and look for cute animal masks and virtual accessories that you can virtually put on your face or head. These new effects have already been published and are test-based and can be used even if you start a meeting. Gmail Not the Meet app itself.

So 9to5Google Notes, google has been release Many features that make the service a more true zoom rival. Now, the tech giant wants to win individual users with features that can convince them to use Meet for calls with friends and family.Previous publications report Google will eventually completely replace the Duo app with Meet. This move may be a step towards that, as some of Meet’s new masks and filters came directly from Duo’s library.

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