Google Maps to display real-time information about Delhi’s cluster bus service

New Delhi, July 14: Google on Wednesday added real-time information about bus arrival times to Delhi to Google Maps, making it easier for people to plan their trips.

This information tells the user which bus to take, the time to arrive at the designated bus stop, the duration of the trip, and if there is a delay. Google Maps misleads Germans and tourists in Uttarakhand heading to Udaipur.The car gets stuck in the mud and doesn’t go anywhere

In addition, Google Transit automatically updates arrival times and marks them in green or red on Google Maps.

The technology giant has worked with the Ministry of Transport of Delhi, the Delhi Integrated Multimodal Transit System (DIMTS), the Indian Institutes of Information Technology (IIIT) Delhi, and Lepton Software to develop this feature.

“Today’s partnership with Google Maps will allow Delhi to join a league of world cities that seamlessly provides real-time public transport information, allowing people to plan their journey to that extent. We hope that several other transportation apps will be leveraged. An innovative solution that is the Department of Transportation’s open data portal and makes Delhi’s public transport system the default choice for everyone. To create. “

“We are pleased to work with the Ministry of Transport of Delhi to publish real-time traffic information for Delhi’s cluster bus service on Google Maps. People in Delhi are constantly looking for ways to make the Google Maps experience more convenient. Has the benefit of having access to this information when making smart commuting choices, especially at this time of the year, “said Ramesh Nagarajan, Google’s Director of Product Management.

To access real-time information, users can open the Google Maps app on their Android or iOS device and enter their destination.[移動]Tap the icon or[移動]Tap the icon[ソース]When[目的地]Where you need to enter.

If it’s not already selected, tap the Transit icon (small tram) to see the time, bus number, route, and real-time arrival information highlighted in green or red. Tap the recommended route to see more information about the route’s stops. When you tap a bus stop, you’ll see a list of all the buses that arrive, with relevant real-time information indicated by a green or red beacon.

You can also access real-time bus information by searching for a specific bus stop and tapping its name and the bus number listed.

This feature is also available in Hindi.

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