Google Maps Launches “Massive Transport Congestion Prediction” Function

If you remember 2019 Google map Introduced an interesting feature of dubbing Public transport congestion forecast.. It provides valuable information about bus, train, and subway congestion before commuters board. This is very helpful as you can plan your daily commute accordingly. Initially, this feature was rolled out in 200 cities around the world. But now it has expanded to up to 10,000 modes of transportation in 100 countries.

so Official blog post, Google wrote:

“It’s not surprising that transit ridership plummeted in the early days of the pandemic. While people are returning to public transport (in the United States, 50% more transportation directions on the map compared to last year). Safety is still a top priority. Therefore, we are expanding our transportation congestion forecast to more than 10,000 transportation in 100 countries, so will the routes be full or full? You can use this information to decide whether to board or wait for another train. I like to stand in a crowded subway car with or without a pandemic. There is no one. “

Google’s “Public Transport Congestion Prediction” feature works based on historical location data and self-reports from map users. The result is a forecast. However, you don’t have to worry about user data breaches because everything is done anonymously.

Other new features brought about by Google Maps

Separately, Google is testing new features in New York and Sydney to see if it can accurately collect and display live congestion information down to the passenger car level. In other words, Google is trying to show the congestion level of a particular train rather than the entire general train. To this end, Google works with transportation and the data they provide. Obviously, after a successful test, this feature will be available in other cities as well.

In addition, Google will add some new features to the Android map timeline. In it, you can mention the new “Insights” tab. This tab shows trends regarding time spent and distance traveled on various modes of transportation. And of course, it shows where you’ve been. Third, the Trips tab lists all the places you have visited. You can also share this list with others.

US restaurants also have review options and new prompts for sharing meal prices, takeaways, and delivery availability. Other companies will soon get similar options. Google Maps Launches “Massive Transport Congestion Prediction” Function

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