Google loves Apple’s Continuity feature so much that it’s developing its own

Imitation is flattery, and Apple followed suit very flattering Since the iPhone came out.

First, Google tweaked its own Android mobile OS to looks more modernthen Samsung famously asked for Inspired by iPhone designAnd now Google wants to copy one of Apple’s most useful features. continuous.

Android Industry Watcher Reveals Plan Details Mishaal Rahman. According to the leak, Google claims it will allow Android devices to link to each other in a similar way as with Apple’s Continuity.

What is Continuity?

Continuity is a feature developed by Apple that allows you to sync content and services between devices logged into your Apple ID. Apple has taken this a few steps further, allowing you to share tools across devices, such as using your iPad to scan documents to your Mac, or using your iPhone’s camera as a Mac webcam.

Other examples of what Continuity can do on Apple’s systems include:

  • Use AirDrop to wirelessly send documents, images, and other digital content between devices.
  • Automatically unlock your Mac when you wear your Apple Watch.
  • Use your iPhone or iPad to add sketches and shapes to your Mac document and see your changes reflected on your Mac. Or sketch something on your mobile device and add it to a document on your Mac.
  • Use your iPad as a second display sidecar.
  • To see your Mac desktop in a FaceTime call, desk view.
  • And my personal favorite is to use your Mac’s mouse and keyboard to control up to two nearby Mac or iPad devices, work seamlessly between them, or use Copying content between machines. Universal Controls and Universal Clipboard.

You can also do other things. Continuity is incredibly useful, allowing Mac, iPhone and iPad users to combine the power of all their devices to get what they need done when they need it. Convenient, right?

Google seems to think so.

What is Google doing?

Android users don’t get everything Apple has iteratively introduced with Continuity. In part, this probably reflects the more complex nature of Android. With multiple devices available, not all devices can run the software, and some devices can’t even run the relevant version of the Android OS.

Nevertheless, Google may improve and expand functionality over time.

At this point Rahman promises:

  • Switch calls between devices. You can move between connected devices during a call.
  • Internet sharing. It works just like an iPhone’s personal hotspot, allowing you to turn your device into his 4G/5G mobile web connection.
  • recently revealed plans Google transfers music playback between signed-in devices.

This feature will be enabled within the new Link Device menu. [設定]>[Google デバイスと共有]wrote Rahman.

The problem, of course, is that, like Apple, these features only work on Android devices (including tablets and smartphones) and not PCs. So this is very useful if you have a business that requires you to carry more than one mobile phone, or if you need to use an Android tablet as well as a mobile phone.

That being said, though, considering the furor Apple is facing over its next decision, it may not all need to change over time. Change how calls end on iPhonein iOS 17 you have to find the little red exit button in the bottom right corner of the display, which I think is going to confuse a lot of people for a while.

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https://www.computerworld.com/article/3704492/google-likes-apples-continuity-feature-so-much-its-making-its-own.html Google loves Apple’s Continuity feature so much that it’s developing its own

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