Google just found a new way to sell pixels to you, and they’re glad

attractive. It’s really attractive.

Screenshot by ZDNet

I Google Pixel A brand as one of the cult stars who refuses to appear in Hollywood movies.

More technically incorrect

Until you reach a certain age, that is.

Many people like the Pixel. There are relatively few people who actually buy it.And, well, like the cult star, there were some Occasionally unimpressive pixel performance..

Meanwhile, Google recently announced the Pixel in a compelling way that the company wants to (almost) allow a half-hearted attitude to control its brand.

Not long ago there was Google Win and advertise the accident call function..before that An intriguing plea to practice mindfulness when downloading data to the new Pixel..

Now Google has released three more funny little advertising gems. Each helps to provide even more emotional uplifting.

There is a dramatization about how Pixel’s alleged 48-hour battery is Shipper, not chugger.. This ad doesn’t actually show any cute dogs.

But how do you promote your security features? Security is a very vague concept until you bite like an ugly dog.

Here google Choose to show the frightened child screaming.. What’s more interesting than that?

Finally, there is a block of unwanted calls. How can I make it interesting? How do you make it look good?

Why are you a kid returning to the endless advertising arsenal, Find the girl singing: “Leave me alone … leave me aloooonnneeee.”

For some reason, I’m fascinated by all three little ads.

But some people believe that marketing and advertising are exactly the same thing. The truth is that advertising is just one part of marketing activity, and Google isn’t always proficient in any of the other parts.

This makes the Pixel this unique problem somewhere, neither here nor there.

I’m sorry. Google just found a new way to sell pixels to you, and they’re glad

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