Google is said to have benefited the advertising system with a special project

Texas thinks it might have that edge Antitrust proceedings against Google.. MLex And that The Wall Street Journal Google has found an unedited court document showing that it has run Project Bernanki, a program that allegedly gave its ad-purchasing system an edge over its rivals. Internet giants used data from publishers’ ad servers to guide advertisers towards the prices they had to pay for ad placement, but didn’t tell publishers selling those ads. It was. Texas argued that this was equivalent to insider trading because it could use exclusive information to undermine competing ad-buying systems and reduce publisher payments.

An internal presentation in 2013 showed that Project Bernanke was to make $ 230 million that year. Texas saw this as evidence that Google was taking advantage of it.

Google acknowledged Bernanke’s presence in court documents, but said it wasn’t doing anything wrong. According to the company, this information was “comparable” to other ad-buying tools.The spokesperson WSJ Texas’s complaint was that it “misrepresented” much of its advertising business, and that it was intended to challenge the state in court. It showed the UK regulator’s decision that there would be no advantage.

Whichever interpretation is correct, the court filings show how Texas intends to pursue antitrust proceedings. “Lover deal” with Facebook, To give an unfair advantage to the competition. If the court agrees with the basic premise, the state may make a strong claim, but disagreements will be a serious problem. Google is said to have benefited the advertising system with a special project

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