Google is currently requiring office workers to undergo a weekly molecular COVID-19 test

Google informed its employees Thursday that anyone who goes to an office or facility in the United States should have a negative COVID-19 molecular test. Notes obtained by CNBC..Workers who go to the office on a regular basis must be inspected weekly, Chief Health Officer Calende Salvo said in a note, and employees were asked to report their vaccination status. Wear a surgical mask indoors.

Google spokesperson Lora Lee Erickson The Verge A new temporary COVID-19 policy is currently in place: “People visiting US sites are expected to undergo a recent negative COVID-19 molecular test before coming onsite.” And offers various types of inspections free of charge.

Google is offering free home testing to full-time employees and contract workers through BioIQ’s PCR-based nasal swab test, Ericsson said. Bloomberg report This week, full-time employees will also have access to Cue Health’s molecular tests, which can produce results in just minutes. Contractors, on the other hand, are offered BioIQ tests, especially by mail. Tweets from Alphabet Workers UnionThat is, you need to spend more time waiting for results. According to Erickson, some Google contractors in the company’s data center have access to rapid on-site testing with Cue machines.

The number of cases of COVID-19 has increased rapidly nationwide, As the Omicron variant spreads..These new policies will be added to Google’s directives From december There is a risk that employees will be required to be vaccinated or will be forced to take vacations and will eventually be dismissed.The company postponed forced return to the office Until some point this year In August.

This week, Meta has also strengthened its employee health policy, and anyone returning to the office when it opens at the end of March Received a booster vaccine.. Google is currently requiring office workers to undergo a weekly molecular COVID-19 test

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