Google forced me to try Bing (then Microsoft messed it all up)

It’s beautiful.

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From time to time, you have to admit why you did something you didn’t intend to do.

More technically incorrect

Here’s what happened.

I came across the story of google Tell a European court that you feel embarrassed..

Embarrassment Microsoft, That is.

Google lawyer Alfonso Ramadorid told the court: “I’ve provided evidence that Bing’s most common search query is’Google’.” “

“Oh, ho, ho,” I snorted myself. “Well, how exaggerated arrogance of Google?”

This was followed by “Bing? Bing? What’s happening with Bing these days?”

Of course, Google is a verb and a habit.You go there because you go there because that’s what you do because that’s what everyone does

Bing stimulates the idea that “I can’t even remember the last time I saw Bing.”

I had to look it up. You can do that when you write the column. It was January 2020 When asking both Google and Bing if Google is better than Bing.. (Answer: Shrugged emoji.)

So when Google lawyers came all the pride, I decided to take a look at Microsoft’s search engine again.

And what a unique sight! Or the site.

Where Google’s homepage tends to be thin Ted Williams, There was a fascinating color explosion here. This was actually working. This was welcome. This made me want to look for things.

But at first, it began to make a deeply felt sound somewhere between hiccups and expectations.

There was an instruction from Microsoft on this page. “Switch to the latest browser recommended by Microsoft.”

Regular readers will know that Microsoft is constantly persistent in downloading all its products. It’s like going out with someone in just one day, and they keep sending you text messages to wonder if you should move with them.

It’s even worse if you’ve already downloaded and liked a particular Microsoft product. The company keeps telling you to download it..


Oh, stop.

Screenshot by ZDNet

But what was interesting about the latest Binged nag was that it had the Edge logo, but the name wasn’t mentioned. Do some users think Microsoft recommends Firefox?

In any case, can Microsoft take a break? Can you decide if I like Bing before I start annoying me with a desperate plea? (I know the answer is no, but I can certainly ask.)

Still, when I typed in the search box quickly, I found that most of the results were much newer than what I had previously associated with Bing. In some cases, it was newer than simultaneous comparable searches on Google.

In some cases, Google was a lot worse than Bing. (Oh, come on. I had to do.)

I was moved by the look of Bing, but suffered from Microsoft’s murmuring.

A few days later I returned to Bing. Again, we welcome attractive homepages. A unique storyline display with headlines such as “Clipboard hits fans,” “File defamation proceedings,” and “Alaska’s fattest bear.”

Is this what Microsoft thinks is driving me? Stupid sports stories, proceedings, fat animals? That’s right.

Naturally, I clicked on the story of the fattest bear. Naturally, Microsoft started to bother me again. This was so trivial. However, when I looked at the search results for the fattest bear in Alaska, the back button didn’t work.

It was clear that Microsoft wanted a little more search instead of going back to the home page for a gorgeous view. This is totally pointless and is something Google isn’t doing.

I clicked on the Bing logo to return to a clean home page. Scrolling down a little further, it was very attractive. For example, the story of that particular day of history. It was about a black ball Billy Goat that cursed the Chicago Cubs in 1945, but did not include fat animals. I think it was a big goat.

But what do you find if you scroll to the bottom? Another issue: “Make Bing your home page.” This was accompanied by the gentle words, “Experience the beauty of every day.”

I want to do it. I will do it. This is the goal of my life. However, it is not in this context. “Don’t miss a moment and keep searching at your fingertips. Just set Bing as your browser’s home page in a few simple steps!”

Please, Bing, let me be like you first. Let’s go on the third day. Then a quarter.

One day I may fall in love with you.

sometimes. Google forced me to try Bing (then Microsoft messed it all up)

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