Google details Pixel 6’s unique Tensor chip

Google was very excited Announcement of Tensor, August’s first system-on-chip. We knew it would power the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, but like Apple’s A-series mobile chips, it was an attempt to combine Google’s software with custom-tuned hardware. In particular, Google has positioned Tensor as a powerhouse of AI, providing new phones with better hardware for image processing and voice recognition. Now you know exactly why the Tensor works.

Google’s SoC is a 5nm 8-core design divided into large, medium and small cores. Leading the way are two ARM Cortex-X1 cores operating at 2.8GHz.It’s worth noting Qualcomm’s flagship product, Snapdragon 888 The chips that power Samsung’s Galaxy S21 and many other high-end handsets have only a single X1 core. It will be interesting to see how fast the Tensor compares.

The SoC below it also has two Cortex A76 cores running at 2.25GHz and four 1.8GHz A55 cores as “small” bits. Thankfully, Google didn’t downplay graphics. Tensor also has a Mali-G78 graphic score. This is also found on other flagship Android phones.

Everything about custom hardware may come to mind Unlucky (but brilliantly original) Moto X, Google’s 2013 attempt to build smarter smartphones. It wasn’t the most powerful mobile around, but its always-on voice commands were a decent step towards ambient computing. This is what Google is still focusing on with the Tensor chip today.

With the new SoC, the Pixel 6 can use live translation capabilities to quickly translate videos and messages, making voice recognition smarter. This is especially useful when you use voice to enter, edit, and send messages. Overall, the Tensor chip runs about 80% faster than the Pixel 5, according to Google. This is an expensive number, so test your Pixel 6 thoroughly to see these numbers.

In addition, according to Google, Tensor also provides an additional layer of security for Pixel 6. Works with the Titan M2 chip on the phone to protect against malware and other potential attacks. This is a good step for Google and we look forward to more security hardware on other Android phones in the future.


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