Google Contacts will add more about your colleague

Microsoft Preview the next OS, Google Show new design for contacts.. According to the company, this circle-style additional information is “a new experience for Google Contacts that helps Google Workspace users learn more about their colleagues.”

In fact, it not only displays the org chart as part of the contacts UI, but also the history with specific people, including both email and meetings. It’s good to keep things organized so that you can “easily learn about your colleagues and stakeholders.”The only problem is that something makes it feel a step away Good old days in the early 2010s, When Google forced a Google Plus sort and fed it to everyone.Event spam and “email from Google Plus” Just a part of low light..

There is no indication that this model will apply to personal accounts, and will only apply to different levels of Workspace users and GSuite accounts in the coming weeks.

As for the actual Google Plus, it ended with Privacy invasion Parliamentary investigation before the whole Rebranded as Currents, A product that some people still find useful.

Google Currents Google Contacts will add more about your colleague

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