GoldStar Medical Instruments Scales Exponentially with Web-Based Cetec ERP

In Pakistan, GoldStar Medical Instruments uses Cetec ERP to manage all sales and day-to-day operations. This efficient web-based ERP system has increased sales by 300%.

gold star medical equipment The Cetec ERP implementation provided a total web-based solution for inventory management, traceability, accounting and quality control. A complete web-based ERP business platform.

GoldStar Medical Instruments manufactures reusable laryngoscopes, disposable laryngoscopes and video laryngoscopes at its production facility in Pakistan. These medical devices helped hospitals around the world treat the COVID-19 pandemic and are still in use in medical facilities around the world.

Just before the 2019 pandemic, GoldStar was struggling to keep up with business. After failing to deliver orders on time and dealing with numerous communication issues, GoldStar realized that they could not grow their business without implementing an ERP. They wanted a comprehensive ERP system that would stabilize their supply chain, enable full traceability, and save both time and money.

Asad Hayat, director of operations at GoldStar Medical Instruments, weighed the various ERP options available and chose Cetec ERP, based in Austin, Texas. Using Cetec allowed GoldStar to achieve full traceability of its products from start to finish. It is very important in the medical manufacturing industry. Hayat said that without Cetec ERP, his flow of business during the pandemic would have been very different.

“By the time we actually chose Cetec in early 2020, COVID-19 came along,” says Hayat. “The product we made was one of the products being used to treat COVID-19 worldwide. We couldn’t have delivered it on time, so the software played a big part and was exactly what we wanted.”

https://www.wnie.online/goldstar-medical-instruments-expands-exponentially-with-web-based-cetec-erp/ GoldStar Medical Instruments Scales Exponentially with Web-Based Cetec ERP

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