Gogo In-flight Internet Renamed to Intelsat

The next time you fly and look for a Wi-Fi connection at a height of thousands of feet above the ground, don’t look for GoGo’s name. Gogo Commercial Aviation, a long-standing standard for in-flight internet, has been rebranded to Intelsat.

International satellite communications provider Intelsat has purchased Gogo Commercial Aviation December 2020.. It was a cash transaction worth $ 400 million. Gogo still exists and focuses on business aviation services.

Gogo has been a staple of in-flight entertainment for the past decade and has partnered with 17 major airlines. Service improves over time, but it’s not only frustrating but impressive. In 2019, Gogo announced plans to roll out 5G in-flight services this year, which has begun. Test those antennas in June.. As Intelsat, 5G is still a goal.

“This name change occurred when Intelsat was building the world’s first global 5G satellite-based software-defined networking network, leveraging unparalleled global orbit and spectrum rights, scale, and partnerships. “We are,” said Stephen Spengler, CEO of Intelsat. Press release..

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