GoG now offers menstrual leave

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GoG, a video game and movie storefront formerly known as the good old game, has announced that it will provide menstrual leave to employees affected by bicycle-related complications.

On LinkedIn Position Starting earlier this month, GoG said that “giving extra holidays for those who are experiencing menstrual cramps” will soon be effective. The company confirmed that the leave will be paid in the comments to this post. There seems to be no special limit on the amount of menstrual leave available to employees. Axios in a statement to GoG explanation Employees are free to take their time “whenever they experience pain during the period,” but they estimate that they will use about one day of menstrual leave every quarter. The new policy will also accept some days.

According to Axios and Siemienkowicz’s own comments on LinkedIn, GoG Culture and Communications Manager Gabriela Siemienkowicz led the effort to incorporate menstrual leave into the company’s vacation policy. Siemienkowicz means that this first iteration of the new policy is “at the end of 2022, we plan to assess how these additional holidays affect the well-being of employees during menstruation. It is experimental and we will consider expanding the policy in the future. ” Year. “

Siemienkowicz said that the topic of menstruation is still considered “taboo” by many, especially when the conversation takes place in the context of work. Some are comfortable talking about menstrual cramps and other complications, while others still find this topic unpleasant, annoying, or inappropriate. 1.8 billion people Menstruation. Siemienkowicz said “there’s still a lot to do” in this regard, but most of the public reaction to GoG’s new vacation policy was positive.

Those who have negative emotions say that menstrual leave appears to be less capable for employees who need it than for those who do not.But not the same The usual For bereavement, employees can generally take leave to mourn the loss of their loved ones and even be given time for illness, which has proven important in the last few years. .. (We focus on “normal” because there are still incredibly toxic workplaces.) Employees experiencing severe menstrual pain and discomfort, especially those with endometriosis or PCOS. For employees, taking menstrual leave can make the workplace feel safer. Allows the employee to do the best job.

GoG is one of the first companies in the industry to offer paid menstrual leave to employees. CD Projekt Red, GoG’s parent company and publisher of The Witcher, is reportedly considering implementing a similar policy.

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