GlobalLogic launches female influencer program

GlobalLogic Inc. has launched a female influencer program aimed at encouraging and supporting female employees interested in exploring cross-functional managers within technology companies. As part of the company’s focus on DEI (diversity, fairness, inclusiveness), GlobalLogic has diversity at all levels of its employees, including gender, sexual orientation, color, ethnic origin, age and ability. Aims to increase. The female influencer program is particularly focused on promoting greater gender diversity, especially among the company’s leadership ranks. This program provides development and mentoring opportunities through GlobalLogic’s human resources development capabilities and individual business units.

Core program elements

The program is centered around nine competencies that participants explore through a series of learning modules, and the entire course of the program is expected to last 5-6 months. A global cohort of women based around the world, working together, will work together to share and learn from collective experiences.

Competencies facilitate the development of “soft” skills. In other words, it is a skill gained from experience and peers, not directly tied to a formal education program. These abilities include directness and openness, inspiring and influencing others, effective decision making, professional network development, and continuous development of communication skills. Program participants will also receive training specific to GlobalLogic features. It aims to strengthen the company’s important knowledge and enhance its technical capabilities.

Amy Hanlon-Rodemich, GlobalLogic Chief Human Resources Officer, said: “We have created a Women Influencer Program to promote emerging female leaders and prepare them to assume a wide range of roles and responsibilities, including expansion to senior management. With this program, more women Leaders will be able to take more strategic positions within the company. “

Based on research

First piloted in India in 2020, the purpose of this program was to actively focus on strengthening the company’s management pipeline, given diversity and inclusiveness. Especially for women in the company. After a detailed analysis of leadership roles and the path to those positions, GlobalLogic’s program development team found that digital engineering companies’ overall diversity statistics were above industry averages, while being even more diverse. The senior management team is the current management rank.

Studies show that women’s disparities are due to multiple factors, including prioritization of personal and family life, cultural demands, and organizational dynamics. It was also pointed out that many women have a clear “burnout” effect, showing an ongoing struggle to identify resources and opportunities to advance their careers.

In response, the program development team develops essential leadership skills, helps women prepare for the future, and arranges participants to take on new roles within GlobalLogic, thereby creating a career path for women. I sought an option to accelerate.

Shivani Khanna, Senior Manager of GlobalLogic’s People Team, said: “We believe that through the structured guidance and encouragement of the program, we can proactively change its dynamics.”

Establishing a supportive ecosystem

The ecosystem developed by GlobalLogic includes “anchors,” which are the roles played by members of the human resources team to help ensure that the program is functioning effectively. Anchors also manage learning and mentor groups that lead specific activities designed to provide previously referenced professional skills.

Participant managers participate as a “program catalyst” responsible for ensuring that the program is not just a training exercise, but a complete learning journey that facilitates employee learning and progress throughout the organization.

“Program sponsors (managers and mentors) act as coaches to oversee the journey of employees. They help guide participants to content and activities that are appropriate for each individual’s unique path.” Kanna continued. “We are pleased to officially launch this program at GlobalLogic locations around the world.”

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