Global Data Epidemiologist Report: Over 219 million Global Covid cases

September 3

Globally, the total number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 exceeds 219,070,000 and more than 4,541,000 deaths have been reported.

In Australia, the 7-day moving average continues to grow, with more than 1,000 new confirmed cases of Covid-19 reported daily.

Authorities have implemented strict blockades in New South Wales and Victoria, home of Sydney and Melbourne, respectively, to reduce local transmissions of Covid-19.

Australia’s “Zerocovid” strategy has been successful in the past, but low vaccination rates and highly contagious delta variants compared to European countries are driving the spread of the coronavirus.

Australians are also beginning to experience quarantine fatigue after enduring multiple periods of strict stay-at-home orders.

Australia’s current strategy is to vaccinate most of the population before loosening strict blockades.

Increasing cases of Covid-19 in children and adolescents are expected in the UK, where children are preparing to begin their school year.

This is facilitated by the Delta variant when returning to face-to-face school education without specific mitigations such as mask mandates.

The UK has been very successful in immunizing adults, but the scope of immunization for children and adolescents is negligible.

There is no licensed vaccine for children under the age of 12, but vaccination for 12 to 15 years has not yet begun.

The UK is outliers as other European countries such as France, Spain and Italy have begun vaccination of children aged 12 to 15 years.

Dr. Bishar Bandari, Senior Epidemiologist at Global Data Global Data Epidemiologist Report: Over 219 million Global Covid cases

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