GitHub co-pilot available in Microsoft Visual Studio 2022

GitHub co-pilotA controversial AI-based coding assistant launched by GitHub and OpenAI last year is now available Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2022 IDEHowever, the AI ​​Assistant is still in the technical preview stage.

and Bulletin issued on March 29According to GitHub, interested Visual Studio users Waiting list Get a technical preview before installing the VisualStudio2022 extension. Space is limited.After receiving an email confirming access, the developer in Visual Studio[拡張機能->拡張機能の管理]You need to open and search for GitHub Copilot.

Called the “AI Pair Programmer”, GitHub Copilot automatically suggests the code that developers may need as they type. Developers can accept or ignore suggestions. This tool is equipped with public source code and an OpenAI CodexAI system trained in natural language.

GitHub Copilot Free Software Foundation (FSF)I wondered if training the model in a public source code repository represents piracy or violates a GPL-licensed work. The FSF also complained that Copliot needed non-free software to run. Last year, the organization requested a white paper on questions about Copriotto, 5 papers It will be highlighted in late February.

For Visual Studio users GitHub wants feedback Copilot, especially related to the .NET language. Users were advised to use their favorite framework to create unit tests or have Copilot help implement the new method. The more specific the code comments are, the better Copilot can write code that matches the developer’s intent, GitHub says.

GitHub Copilot is also available as an extension to Neovim, JetBrains, and Visual Studio Code.

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